zyxel router not showing up

Go to CONFIGURATION > Object > AP Profile > SSID > Security List to select the Security Mode to be the wpa2. 3. 2. Visit the WAN setup page for step-by-step instructions on different WAN configurations, including PPPoE, IPoE and transparent bridging. Select the listed AP and click Add to Mgnt AP List on the upper bar. That is the user manual for your product. Follow up: Even though I blocked the MAC addresses (on my Near Gear router page) of the three devices showing up in Windows 10, network page, they all returned. will report devices which they have detected using the LLTD protocol, but this may be at a level before any authentication has taken place. I do not have the knowledge level to know who to contact to get further assistance.This ZyXEL device and others appear and disappear sporadically. We are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure that the best possible service is provided to our customers. Where did you get either? I have a shared folder that works fine, but I setup a secured folder and created a user with a password. I just updated to Windows 10, so they may have been there for a quite a while. Thank you. If W10 really caused the problem, was it upgrade version or fresh install.? to check ahything suspicious. It also comes and go randomly. I also don't want to use a browser based application for access. In Windows if you right click the ZyXEL access point and select properties what do you see, post a screen grab if possible? Don't use saved config file in this case. Although not listed in Netgear Genie, Windows 10, in Network computers and devices, show a ZyXEL access point, (under the Netwok Infrastructure section) which I do not recognize and cannot get rid of. Figure. •Hide SSID option in router settings is not checked. I already had a difficult time even getting the drive recognized since the findme.zycel.com thing didn't work. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. Is the Zyxel provided by us? Once I got in, I formatted for RAID1 and did a firmware update. The only information I can get, is it is a ZyXEL ABS. I tried to access on my laptop and desktop computers. Personally I would want to get to the bottom of why that device is listed, or at least try to get rid of it, before considering the need for a new router since I suspect that a new router will not result in the device disappearing. I just want a shared drive for two computers in my house without using any special software. Keeping up with bandwidth demands of the many laptops, tablets, smartphones and other wireless devices on your home network can be challenging. I’m surprised that you have no option to delete or remove that device, but that’s not particularly important, it would just help to know if you are able to get rid of it as this would tend to suggest that it is historical and not due to a currently connected device. Visit Zyxel.com | Privacy Policy. Connect the ZyXEL AP unit to the lan interface. Couple more to try. This involves logging in to the ZyXEL routers Web GUI to view the connections status. I have gone through everything. This resolves the majority of connectivity issues. This is an example of using ZyWALL/USG to manage the Access Points (APs) and allow wireless access to the network. I discovered this in Windows 10, as it is not listed on the NETGEAR site. Here is the information you may not be able to see: That serial no. 2. Here we show you how to configure the wireless settings on the home router and check whether wireless clients can connect to the home router via 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks. printers on control panel(W10 may call it different), there I believe you can remove device(s).

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