zampogna di panni

Quando iniziare a comprare il corredino per il neonato. Guida turistica abilitata per tours in Campania (Italia). and that they were using the, During the medieval age, while spreading all over the world and assuming different names, the “, The “zampognari” dress in their ancestral suit made of knee lenght trousers, long socks, a leather jacket, a mantle and a cap.

Museo della Zampogna; Selva di Cadore. ( It was during the medieval age that the famous “presepio” practice started to be a custom, approaching the time of Advent and many shepherds where requested to perform in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary or before a “presepio”, which represented the Nativity scene. As a matter of fact, it is made of a goat skin or simply of a plastic skin which resembles that of a goat, to which a blowpipe is attached. ).Panni (nel nostro dialetto “Pan”) è chiaramente un paese dedicato, dagli antichi sacerdoti daunii, al dio Pan, diversamente non troveremmo la sua figura nello stemma civico del suddetto paese.Pan è l’inventore della zampogna e rappresenta la costellazione del Capricorno, che chiude il ciclo dell’anno e ne apre uno nuovo (nel nuovo calendario). A Museum of Zampogna has been created in the town of Scapoli (Molise Region) and many festivals are held at different locations during the year. said that originally the “askaule(o)s” were also made of a dog skin.

Playing the “zampogna”, accompanied by a “ciaramella” flute (shawm), and sometimes singing lyrics in a duet or reading a pastoral hymn, the "zampognari" present the preserved musical forms and expressions of the original South Italy folklore. This utricularis was even used, in the first century A. D., by emperor Nero, who kept the bag under his armpit, in an attempt to please Athena, as reported by Dio Chrysdstom, a Greek orator, writer and philosopher of the first century. Una grossa canna maschio, il bordone (il “totaro”), rappresenterebbe il belare del montone, l’altra, il chanter (la “calamita”), costruita con canna femmina, vorrebbe imitare il belare della pecora. Most of the time they made their own “zampogna” using the material available on the mountains and they joined contests with other “zampognari” in order to exercise before going back to the villages where, in a bid to earn extra income, they used to go from house to house playing and singing pastoral hyms in the squares and the streets or serenading private homes. Si suonava la Notte di Natale per Gesù Bambino, infatti, poi, la zampogna, oggetto della nostra discussione, è stata cristianizzata e quindi oggi è da considerare, storicamente, uno strumento pagano, ma culturalmente cristiano.

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