why do entps like infjs

Now, i have no idea whether that kid was an INFJ or not, but that's kind of what my mind subconsciously associates with an introverted Fe-Dom. I have no clue if INFJs reciprocate, though. This is why, at our best, we are perfect for them. i am friends with a female INFJ, who i suspect may have romantic interest in me, but she's semi-involved with a closer male friend, so that's not territory i'm going into. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, ENTP: Antisocial Extrovert, Rational Eccentric. An ENTP and INFJ love match is great because they will be supportive towards each other. We don’t like noise. INFJs from the INFJ subreddit ask their "ideal" partner, ENTPs, questions. Okay, I wouldn't say I don't like it about them, but I think it's a waste, is that initially they all tend to be so insecure about themselves and until they grow into their self-confidence they accomplish so much less than they could :). It just sucks seeing everyone figure out there's when I'm trying to figure out mine. INFJ Love: How INFJs Fall In Love . Everyone’s like “LAWLS INFJs are ENTPs match cuz they’re the only one that makes an ENTP stumped”. ENTPs crave understanding others; INFJs crave being understood. It's the cool thing to say INFJs suck. ENTPs and INFJs also both have some stereotypes that are compatible: we are both idea-people who like to have intellectual conversations, and we both don’t stray away from topics that others might find meaningless or superfluous in daily life (god, philosophy, etc. We all experience falling in love and being in relationships in our own unique ways. Everyone always says that us ENTPs have a lot of talents, but that they often go to waste, because we just talk about ideas and don't do anything. The way we get there – antagonizing, annoying, and joking – might not be the same as the INFJ, with their all-consuming gaze and gentle camaraderie, but at the end of the day, the ENTP is fully immersed in the INFJs complex inner world… by choice. The ENTP has the stereotype of the “sexy robot” and with their Ne/Fe they’re still basically funny, spontaneous attention hogs. I am also not sure where people get this warm, friendly, helpful, selfless idea of INFJs from. One minute I wanna be a paralegal then the next I wanna work in marketing/pr? INFJs are soul-filled lovers. I don't know why though. Commonality implies a wider variety of choices and better opportunities for good type development. Why INFJs Need to Do Inner Work Before Meeting Twin Flame Maybe you are one of those INFJ Myers-Briggs personality types that has NOT physically met your twin flame yet. We are a never ending labyrinth for them and so they do not get bored. Oh, don't ask them here. At least, that's what I get when I overly generalize the types.

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