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The bowl vibratory machine has weights attached to the top and bottom of a vertical shaft mounted to the center column of the bowl that can be added and subtracted from the top and bottom weight carriage. Simple, ergonomic design and easy-to-read settings make this weight system user friendly. When working on and designing our turbine vibrators, we’ve had to calculate the “unbalanced” of each particular unit. In a recent blog, we talked about the importance of  “Counter rotation and synchronization” in the successful operation and maintenance of a piece of Cleveland Vibrator Company’s vibratory equipment. Caterpillar has been setting engine industry standards for over 85 years Engine is covered by a nationwide Caterpillar 2 year or 3000 hour warranty whichever occurs first Caterpillar has been setting engine industry standards for over 85 years Engine is covered by a nationwide Caterpillar 2 year or 3000 hour warranty whichever occurs first a first eccentric weight assembly fixed to the shaft; a second eccentric weight assembly displaced from said first eccentric weight assembly along the shaft, said second eccentric weight assembly including a support fixed to the shaft to extend laterally of the shaft, said support having a ring of slots displaced laterally of the shaft, a first eccentric weight rotatably mounted about the shaft and having a first pin extending to said ring of slots, a second eccentric weight rotatably mounted about the shaft and having a second pin extending to said ring of slots. SWECO, the world leader in particle separation and size reduction solutions, offers round and rectangular separators for dry material separation and sizing as well as liquid solid separation. A wide variety of vibratory mechanisms have been developed for screening, milling, mixing and the like. Sound levels have been reduced by the use of special materials and new fabrication techniques. Forestry Service The hanger 16 has a radially extending arm 26 having laterally extending pins 28 and 30 adjacent the end. Bowl machines generally are set up with more weights on the bottom weight carriage than on the top. The collar 48 is affixed by conventional means to the lower end of the shaft 12. All rights reserved. Rotate the outer weight to the desired new setting. The other allows for the adjustment of weight and variation in the lead angle of the weight in relation to the first assembly. SWECO Long Radius Finishing Mills provide a convenient means for separating parts from media. & Terms of Use. When doing this, however, note that the shaft rotation should be opposite of the media feed direction. In the preferred embodiment, slots 64 are defined at 5" intervals. Because vertical/horizontal amplitudes and the rate of vibration are completely adjustable, your finishing requirements can be handled quickly and efficiently. A central hole 46 accommodates the shaft and an anchoring collar 48. In this embodiment, pins 66 and 68 would then be aligned as well. The electric motor 10 may be mounted directly to a vibratory mechanism such as a vibratory screen separator, a vibratory finishing mill or the like. First, let’s delve into everyone’s favorite subject, math, to get a better understanding of the importance of weight setting and its impact on the operation of the vibrator and, more importantly, the piece of equipment. Repeat the weight adjustment procedure on the opposite end of the vibrator. As shown above, each end of the vibrator has two weights, an inner weight and an outer weight. The force produced is dependent on three parameters: One of our old college vibration textbooks presents the formula Fo = moeω2 , where mo is the mass of the rotating unbalanced weight and e is the distance from the center of gravity of the rotating unbalanced weight to the center of rotation and ω is the circular frequency of the vibrator (Phew!). To fix an incorrect lead angle, the weight settings and lead angle need to be adjusted to move the materials off the screen. SWECO Batch Finishing Mills are ideally suited for use with external separating systems, manual parts unloading and for processes that have no media and the entire load can be easily discharged out the bottom door. 1 and bolted in place by bolts 34. Retighten the bolt and make sure the weight is fixed to its new location. This eccentric weight assembly 14 includes an eccentric weight hanger 16 having a central collar 18 for association with the shaft 12. Looking specifically to FIG. Two eccentric weights are rotatably mounted about the shaft and have pins extending to the ring of slots. The field of the present invention is vibratory mechanisms for vibrating machinery and more specifically eccentric weight systems therefore. Once the cover is removed the weights can be adjusted. SWECO Spiral Finishing Mills or SLR series mills make available a long-radius spiral finishing chamber featuring fully-automatic parts/media separation utilizing an air-operated discharge gate and a fixed separating screen. These stops 62 may be placed at convenient intervals such that the ring 60 is divided into regular angular spacing. ©2006-2020 SWECO, a business unit of M-I L.L.C. First and second eccentric weight assemblies are fixed to the shaft. Any type of rotating vibrator, that includes rotary electric (RE), ball or turbine vibrators generate their “vibratory force” by rotating a mass around the center of the unit or shaft. Caterpillar Engine. SWECO offers Round Vibratory (Vibro-Energy) Separation Equipment for dry material separation and sizing as well as liquid solid separation. After tightening the weight clamp bolt, double-check to make sure that the weight didn’t move while being tightened onto the shaft, if the punch mark is off the desired scale plate mark, loosen the bolt and reposition the outer weight. This maximizes engine life and results in the industry leading fuel economy! In other words, consistency is key! No tools are required for such adjustments. Kason Corporation Recommended for you.

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