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I trust him.”. I told my wife a year or so ago that I think I have gone beyond the place where I am shocked anymore. Do you know how hard it is when something gets unraveled to put it back so that it looks like it did originally? Trust is very valuable. Do not be hard on yourself.” Do you see the spirit of forgiveness there? If someone said, “Is he your pastor?” I do not want you to have to duck your head. And as God shows us how to come up to the help of the Lord, I want to say in my heart, “Lord I am going to come up.”. The world will condemn us and call bigots if we say that homosexuality is wrong. It is human nature to tidy up a messy room by putting things in their place. EARNESTLY CONTEND FOR THE FAITH WHICH WAS ONCE DELIVERED UNTO THE SAINTS. Our attire has to do with integrity and with trust. We are going to put it in the paper. However, I believe there is a standard for God’s people that all of us should aspire to. n Genesis 39:9, "No one is greater in this house than I am. People with integrity all share a certain set of traits. You can test Job. It is what God wants us to do and what God empowers us to do. Integrity of any kind seems to be scarce. KingdomView, Vol. I believe we should protect, guard, and hold it in very high esteem. God gave Satan permission to go even a step farther, but not to take Job’s life. However, Joseph went to jail because he did what was right! Then I believe that there is an area where Satan would like to try in these last days more than ever: in our moral integrity. In all these areas of his life we find that Joseph was an example. It is a big job. I am often incensed when I hear people question whether the Bible can be trusted. However, the Bible says it is wrong! Integrity involves trust, and I believe as we consider this topic of spiritual integrity, the first thing we want to know in our hearts is that God trusts us. He said, “For this cause God sent me here. And the success of that evangelism will be contingent upon your integrity. That is why some people go. When she got to the front of the line checker said, “Oh, you are the people who are building that new church up there on Hilltop.” Behind her in line, somebody said, “Oh, my next door neighbor goes to your church.” Now, let your imaginations tell you what the representation of our church would have been if my wife had come unglued over the situation that had just taken place. The church cannot really function and do its job properly unless it works in unity. It is the calling for every one of us to walk in the spiritual integrity that we find in Scripture. And financial integrity is an important part of our testimony that the world sees. There is nothing wrong with sex; God invented it. It is not doing right because our parents expect it of us, because society thinks that is the standard, or because somebody is watching over our shoulder. High quality example sentences with “spirit of integrity” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Other sexual sins are mentioned in the Bible and we need to be aware of what they are. And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? I will not engage in behavior that violates God’s Word.”. If we are going to be effective witnesses to people, we need to have spiritual integrity. Yes, it says for wives to be submissive to their husbands, but it also says, “Husbands, love your wives,” and “Fathers, provoke not your children to wrath.” You have a great responsibility. They could have said something like, “How about this! It is very important. When we stand behind the sacred desk, the Word of God goes, first of all, to the preacher. These 13 shared traits include It is easy to think, If I do the right thing, I will automatically have the blessing of God on my life and everything is going to go well. When I told him, he said, ‘Oh, I met your pastor the other day.’” You know what was happening in my heart? She said to him, “Dost thou still retain thine integrity? The word God uses in our language here is “integrity.” God trusted Job. © APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH. He shook this man’s hand, thumping him on the back and congratulating him on his honesty. That manager was more than relieved. I believe that Christians are tested on the use or misuse of authority, or power. However, we are striving for excellence. When the man and woman came through the drive-through, the employee inadvertently handed these people the box with the deposit. I do not think you want me to embarrass you. Does it say it is fine for you to lord it over your spouse? It will come right in to the church and try the young and the not so young. But I believe I am among a group of people here who are looking to God’s Word for that high standard of excellence. The financial, resource and time losses due to compliance rework or unscheduled outages are major stressors. I want you to be able to trust me. Oh, I would like to have that as my testimony. It is very easy for me to see yours and I dare say, mine are probably more evident to you than they are to me. Or they will come to please you, and never return again. (Romans 7:17-23) Hence the Bible, which is revealed truth, serves as our guide for training in righteousness and the Spirit enables us to live out this reality as Christ-like character is being formed in us; thus, enabling us to satisfy the latter part of our definition regarding the spirit of integrity. An example is found in Genesis 39 where we read the account of a man named Joseph. Once it is broken, it is a very difficult thing to repair. I understand that this subject will put me and all of my brothers and sisters in the ministry under the greatest of scrutiny. Yes, just like our precious little ones, we are all born with a propensity to behave contrary to God’s righteous standards because of the sin nature that is present in all of us. We can have something in our hearts that will please the Lord. As we study God’s Word, God shows us and encourages us as to how we might better please and serve Him. We welcome you to contact us if you are in need of spiritual support. I am very much aware that it is easier for other people to see our faults than it is for us to see them. We need to be careful! We are pressing toward the mark. Now, let us build upon these two stories and have a brief discussion about the spirit of integrity. This is serious. Integrity is to follow God’s plan. However, this same attitude has invaded the home and even the church. You gave me fifty cents too much. As we read this account of Job, we find the word integrity. He has done so many times, probably for every one of us. Likewise, here is another amazing fact according to New Testament scholars. In either case, there is a misuse of authority. And Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. Young ladies, I just want to encourage you to take the Bible admonition to dress modestly seriously. No matter how much we have learned in our mind, it is of no value until we apply it to our daily lives. Spiritual integrity begins with a desire to please God. Our integrity, whenever or wherever we are, is very important. Do not advertise what is not for sale. It has been said that there are three great tests of integrity for those in the public realm—money, power, and sex. We do not go around looking for offenses. The impact of NDE Technicians and Inspectors who do not meet expectations are far reaching. This Word of God is a high standard! We must maintain a commitment to honesty and the truth claims of Scripture as we are steadily transforming to Christ likeness. About two weeks ago, a young lady who had started a new job told me, “One of our clients was in the other day and asked what church I went to. There is a well-known ministry called “Promise Keepers.” The organization has high goals and standards. We take vows before God. He is an example of someone else who knew what it was to hold onto his integrity because of his love for God. Rather than walking down the street with a bag of money, he put the cash in a chicken box and set it down close by. It is what God wants us to do and what God empowers us to do. Please don’t do that.” He said, “I am a married man and this woman is not my wife.” You see, we can be very careful in some areas and ignore others, but I believe God’s Word holds up a standard for every area of our life. You can try Job.” We read of all the trials that Job went through, followed by verse 22, “In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.”, Chapter 2:1-3 says, “Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord. Young people, we live in a world of seduction. Wives and mothers, you say, “Well, my husband is the head of the house.” Yes, he is. If we were to try to define it, we might suggest meanings such as, “moral excellence,” “honesty,” or “sincerity.” There are people in this world who are not Christians but who are moral people. He was at the point of calling the newspaper and saying, “Come on over, I have a story for you. He could have said, “Now I have you in my power, and I am going to treat you just like you treated me. Have you ever encountered vendors who over-promise to gain your business but then do not live up to expectations? I want to examine my own life; I am not going to try to examine yours. Yes, that is the right word: seductively. We have some 5,000 copies of the Greek New Testament manuscripts and 19,000 manuscripts other than Greek. A lot of money was changing hands. But we see the evidence of Joseph’s integrity. While dictionary definitions point to moral excellence, honesty, and sincerity, we might further define integrity as doing right because it is right, not because somebody is watching.

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