ptah family tree

Daughter of Kheperkare Senusret I, Pharaoh of Egypt and Neferusherit, Queen of Egypt He was born from a lotus flower, and is usually depicted with one on his head. More to come soon. Family Tree of the Gods female gods male gods Bibliography Ptah. This page was last modified on 25 July 2014, at 11:16. She also, apparently, invented birth itself, and weaving, which made mummification possible. Average Ptah life expectancy in 2002 was 66 years. and 2 others; Neferusobek . This is when Isis, in her grief, collected all the Osiris-pieces and used her magic to resurrect him just long enough to get her pregnant. A god of primeval permanence and creativity – matter and form, basically, in their most pure sense. And now that I’ve disclaimed historical responsibility, onto What I Know About Those Gods Up There: Nun is usually more of a place than a person, but he’s person sometimes too. There’s also weirder creation myth, from Hermopolis, where Nun and his consort Naunet (which is basically Egyptian for “lady-Nun”) were two of eight frog/snake gods who showed up first and collectively laid an egg which contained Ra. She represented the Egyptian ideal of femininity. A ram-headed god of earth and water and craftsmanship, who (depending on the version you read) created humankind on a potters wheel. Oh, and I wrote in my notes that “incestuous dreams dashed. The actual, historical Imhotep lived during the third millennium BCE, and was an advisor to the Pharaoh, a priest of Ptah, the architect behind the first pyramid, and apparently enough of a medical genius that within a few centuries of his death, he’d been combined in the public mind with a few other legends and was worshipped as a god of medicine and healers. You can help us by expanding it. I swear that’s his actual hat. Most ancient Egyptian creation myths involve the first god emerging from a chaotic watery abyss, and depending on the story, Nun either lived in the watery abyss or *was* the watery abyss. Especially not Apep. Family of Ptah. Bull god of vigor and strength, considered to be the son (and/or a messenger) of Ptah. That his name means “hiddenness” apparently had no bearing on his ability as a sun god. Neith was sort of the female counterpart of Nun. A short lifespan might also indicate health problems that were once prevalent in your family. For most of his life he was just a deified version of the sun, and was considered an aspect (which means, in this case, something between part and version) of Ra. Ain’t No Tragedy Like An Ancient Greek Tragedy, When We Thought Radioactivity Was Healthy, When the US (almost) Nuked North Carolina. But for all that, he did a pretty good job defending the realm during his stint as pharaoh (even if he only got the job by killing his brother).

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