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Male co-workers asked why he was taking so much leave, and said in a disapproving tone that when their children were born, they only took a couple of days off. Your password has not been changed! The U.S. is one of a tiny handful of countries that do not offer paid maternity leave, although it is like the majority of other countries that do not offer paid paternity leave.. Updated July 30, 2014. *should paternity leave be limited to those men whose name appearson the birth certificate as the father of the child? ), “Research in the U.S. found that men who took leave suffered career penalties similar to women who had taken leave,” says Jennifer Berdahl, a UBC Sauder School of Business professor and expert in workplace gender issues. Laws and social practices surrounding maternity leave vary widely from one country to another. The main reason is that fathers cannot do so because of the loss of pay. Tweeps get down with the A, B, Cs of life, love and longevity... LOCAL investment firm Areysteq Asset Management has been announced as the new Government Institutions Pension Fund's incubation programme beneficiary. It’s in their professional best interest and in their social best interest not to take leave. Please continue to log in. Please try again! It encourages greater engagement of a father’s role and improves the upbringing of a child, leading to a stronger family foundation. * Howlong should paternity leave be? * shouldpaternity leave be limited to fathers who are sharing a commonhousehold with the mother and child? “They were likely to suffer lower wage increases over time and get fewer promotions. Although men who get 'daddy tracked' suffer career penalties and social backlash, taking a paternity leave can have some major benefits. * Should paternity leave be paid or unpaid? Paid paternity leave provides a form of financial relief to new fathers and creates a positive ripple effect through families. ALL Blacks coach Ian Foster has wielded the axe ahead of Saturday's Tri Nations Test against Argentina in response to New Zealand's shock loss to the Wallabies last weekend. That is why paid parental leave has a positive effect on productivity. “It was certainly positive for my family and my wife appreciated having the help. *should paternity leave be limited to those men whose name appearson the birth certificate as the father of the child? Please try again! New Zealand wield axe for Argentina Tri Nations Test, Mane scores and creates a goal as Senegal triumph, Rugby shake-up goes on with new Autumn Nations Cup, Broke Zimbabwe seeks adviser to raise billions. * should paternity leave be limited to fathers whoare sharing a common household with the mother and child? * How long should paternityleave be? The common and the uncommon. SADIO Mane scored the first goal and created the second as Senegal stayed on course to reach the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations finals with a 2-0 home win over Guinea-Bissau Wednesday. Please continue to log in. “I felt it was a kind of a punishment because I went away and my boss didn’t like that.”, Women taking maternity leave have long suffered damage to their careers. AWARD-WINNING actor, master of ceremonies and a full-time banker Adriano Visagie will be co-hosting the 5th annual Sotigui Awards in Burkina Faso. As part of its efforts to promote gender equality in Namibia, theLegal Assistance Centre has made a submission regarding the newLabour Bill to the National Council Standing Committee onConstitutional and Legal Affairs, which among others, proposespublic input on the question of paternity leave.The LAC proposed that the abovementioned committee investigatewhether there is a demand for this kind of leave, and that it getfeedback from employers and employees alike as to the viability ofpaternity leave.According to the LAC, paternity leave is defined as a period ofleave from employment which enables fathers to bond with the motherand newborn child.In an opinion piece published in The Namibian last week, amember of the Gender Research and Advocacy Project at the LACscrutinised the question of whether Namibia was ready for a conceptsuch as paternity leave.Among others, in questioning the need for paternity leave, theLAC posed a number of questions that are pertinent to raise here,as these are the issues that need to be discussed prior to making adecision on something that, if adopted, could have wide-rangingconsequences and even an economic impact.Some of the questions by the LAC include the following: * wouldfathers use paternity leave to help take care of the child?

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