pet rat habitat

A good quality cage may often cost a pretty penny but this is quite inevitable if you want something that could endure the ravages of time. Take a closer look at the cage’s doors. Look carefully at your prospective pets to be sure they are active and healthy with a clean, well-groomed coat of fur. A trip to the vet doesn’t spell fun for rats; hence, you need a portable rat cage that will make his trip as safe and comfortable as possible. Usually, rats will choose a designated bathroom area in one part of the cage. Each compartment will still have ample room for toys and accessories. Rats, unlike some other rodents, are smart and playful animals that crave human companionship. Apart from portability, the Yaheetech 37” Metal Ferret Cage provides full visibility and ventilation. This could be heavy-duty plastic or PVC covered metal.

Although rats as pets may sound eccentric to some, know that these tiny creatures are fun to be around provided that you are properly taking care of them. At the bottom of the cage is a storage compartment where you can place all your pet essentials. Buying your rat a good quality cage is the first step to them achieving a healthy and happy life. Know that rats, which are originally forest creatures, need constant physical and mental stimulation to remain bright and healthy. For one, this is cage is the perfect solution when you want your whiskery friend to spend the night in your room. With two entryways, you can choose between the front and top doors. Critter Nation pics! Possible issues range from tumors to respiratory or digestive conditions to neurological problems. Habitat of the Rat Today, these rodents live almost exclusively in areas of human habitation. Not only will this cause sprains but also serious damages to his tiny feet that may require amputation. Rats are very intelligent and need to be challenged, so rotate the toys on a regular basis to avoid boredom. Rats are nocturnal so keep their space fairly quiet during the day. At a minimum, a cage with 12 by 24 inches (2 square feet) of floor space is okay for two smaller rats as long as the cage is tall and you provide shelves and/or hammocks for extra living space. This fleece leaf vine will be the perfect addition to your critter's cage.

A rat-friendly and veterinarian-approved disinfectant is also preferable. Since this cage is incredibly spacious, you can spoil your pets by adding as many toys as you want. If needed, you can modify wire balconies by covering them with a thin sheet of wood, melamine, or other easy-to-clean solid material (fixed to the cage with wire ties). Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet.

Store-bought boxes are fine, but wooden ones can be hard to clean when they get urine-stained, and plastic boxes get chewed up fairly quickly. It may not be as heavy-duty as the Critter Nation cages, but this unit is fairly sturdy without being too weighty. Other possibilities include a flowerpot or jar turned on its side. Simply slide the pegs into the slots with your bare hands and apply a little force using a rubber mallet to lock the panels securely in place. Moreover, assembling the Kaytee My First Home Deluxe is nothing but child’s play. Unless you have limited space or budget, then choose a cage that can provide at least 2 cubic feet of space for each pet rat. The Critter Nation 162 measures 36” in length and 24” in width and hence, it is very commodious and accommodating: you can place a hammock, some decorations, toys, and other paraphernalia to keep your pet rat happily busy. Lianne is a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and freelance writer who's written nearly 400 articles for The Spruce Pets. In addition, the Prevue Hendryx features two huge escape-proof doors with rust-resistant and stainless steel locks. Not only does the Kaytee My First Home Deluxe look colorful and cute, this cage offers handy features for your tiny whiskery friends. In general, the gap depends on the size of your pet rats. Look for rope and wood toys since most plastic toys can't stand up to the gnawing of a determined rat. If your tiny pet is living in the lap of luxury where he can enjoy doing various things and has an array of delicious treats nearby, he will love to spend more time in its cage rather than squeeze his way out of the cage. Even if you do not own any tools, know how to sew, or have much time to build anything fancy, there are still many simple and easy ways to accessorize a cage, learn how in this article. Take note that the depth of the base also allows your rats to have some privacy. This feature also helps prevent deadly accidents due to a heavy fall. However, larger cages are always better. Ideally, the cage should be placed in a relatively quiet place but still near the social activity in the home. The Critter Nation 161 is quite a huge, solid cage.

The cage’s best feature is its deep PP plastic base, which provides a retreat for your pet rat all the while keeping shavings and litter in the base, so your desk or floor remains clean and tidy. Nonetheless, there are casters to make it easy to push or pull around when you need to change its location. If you hate shavings scattering all over your floor, then you will love this cage’s base. ), but the wire type commonly found in pet stores isn't very safe for rats who can get feet, toes, and tail caught; a solid surface wheel is preferable. Therefore, it would be wise to adopt at least a pair of rats instead of just one. Domesticated rats are far from being the vermin that most people think they are.

But once it’s fully assembled, your pet rat can enjoy a comfortable abode. Rats can develop many of the same problems as cats, dogs, and even humans. The base exhibits a deep and open space with high walls to keep debris from catapulting out of the cage, especially when your pets play roughhouse. You can make the most of its huge space to isolate a few of your pets such as unneutered bucks or senior rats. Another good thing about this cage is how narrow the bar gaps are; hence, even baby rats won’t be able to squeeze themselves out. Wire grates may seem beneficial as it allows pet waste to just fall through and hence, your fancy rat doesn’t have to step on his own poop. If you don’t want your pet hurting, then choose a cage with solid flooring. Very spacious, the 161 model is perfect for housing 2 of your fancy rats.

They are playful animals that desire human companionship.

You may use a hair blower to dry your pet’s toys much faster. At the same time that you check the nails, try to get a glimpse of the teeth to make sure they have not become overgrown. The odor is not offensive, but you may want to cover furniture with a throw while they are out of the cage. As soon as you’re done, your pets can have a cozy abode that measures 24” L x 24” W x 41.5” H complete with free items such as three comfort shelves and a dainty hammock to name a few. The icing on the cake is its removable base, which is made of chew-proof and stain-resistant plastic. Likewise, this cage has a locking mechanism to ensure your tiny escape artist won’t break free. Therefore, it would be beneficial for your pet rat to have a large area that can accommodate all his playthings and still have enough room left where he can hop and chase with his roommate. Rats are highly susceptible to respiratory illnesses and hence, they need a well-ventilated cage. The casters also exhibit locking features to ensure your cage stays in place. Whether you are in a budget crunch or particularly green at buying rat cages, the Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose rat cage offers a decent value for the price you pay. Both should be organized in a way where you can easily adjust them. In addition, make sure your pet rats are fed a proper diet consisting of high-quality lab blocks and a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Rats also tend to scent mark as they roam, leaving little drops of urine.

Beddings and litter stay in the bin, thanks to its intuitive design. Even though they are naturally short-lived pets, they can develop a variety of health issues. This tutorial will explain how to make no-sew fleece liners for your rat or other small animal cage. Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Cage, 5. Spray after every wash and wipe the cage daily with wet tissues drenched in vinegar. Here are lists of foods that are ok—and not ok—for rats to consume.

Having his feet constantly pressed against wire causes a condition called bumblefoot, which is characterized by painful sores and swellings that could become infected. Glass and plastic enclosures isolate bad air quality and thus, foul smell and contaminants will linger much longer.

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