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A heavily pregnant Mary Margaret also meets her new midwife Zelena who, unbeknownst to her, is in fact the villainous Wicked Witch of the West. Mary Margaret is momentarily stunned, but shakes it off to find a waiting Emma. Mary Margaret, in her growing infatuation with David, has been going to the diner daily at 7:15 A.M. when he also comes in to get coffee for he and his wife, Kathryn. ("Red-Handed"), Henry has another talk with August about his book in the diner. First appearance: Granny is the Widow Lucas and grandmother of Ruby. ("I'll Be Your Mirror"), At a diner booth, Snow happily regards her students' improving grades on a recent exam. Despite how messed up the situation already is, Robin expresses happiness about the baby, but he is conflicted over letting Regina know this, as he doesn't want her to misunderstand his feelings. ("Devil's Due"), Returning from New York City, the heroes introduce Jekyll to the town of Storybrooke and David takes their newly arrived guest to the diner. Rumple, having what he wants, then abandons his father, while Hades and Zelena share true love's kiss right there in the diner. Hook asks Emma about what happened earlier in the pawnshop when she had her hand tremors. She calls for Granny to lock up the diner, to which Granny comes out with her crossbow and throws Henry the keys to close the front door. ("Lacey"), Suspicious of Neal's fiancée, Tamara, Emma purposely bumps into her at the diner. ("Welcome to Storybrooke"), One morning, Emma and Henry visit Neal in his room at the bed and breakfast, and he sends Henry off to the diner to get three cups of hot cocoa. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. They go there to rescue Hook, who sacrificed himself to save them, and are shocked to discover that the Underworld looks just like a demented version of Storybrooke. He claims Dr. Hopper told him Emma stole the patient file. Latest appearance: However, he soon disappears, but all's well that ends well because the new curse is eventually broken by Regina. Turning the discussion back to their main goal in Camelot, Hook asks Merlin if he can truly get rid of Emma's darkness. Granny suggests a trick that she used to do with Ruby, but Regina refuses the help. ("The Dark Swan") After a tough day, a number of citizens unwind at the diner. She returns there after getting a job at the sheriff's station to pick up lunch as she gloats, but Granny just makes her feel bad about it. From the Underworld, Mr. Gold uses a crystal ball to locate his son, without knowing Neal already moved on to a better place. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"), After Graham dies, Emma and Sidney compete to be the new sheriff, and the blonde is in the diner with Henry when her competitor releases a paper about her shady past. He wants her to sleep in, but she reminds him that her training is necessary since the marathon is in three weeks. Despite his own disbelief, he allows her to search the floorboards. He says the story is about Pinocchio and curiously wonders if there is more to it, but Emma suggests he hurry off to school. Belle bursts in to with news on Zelena's spell, and the trio head back to Regina's house. ("The Apprentice") With Marian frozen and Regina not speaking to him, Robin gets drunk at the diner and confronts Will Scarlet, proceeding to recount how he and Marian met and take a lesson from Will that if you love someone - in this case, Regina - enough to ruin your entire life for them then it's always worth it. Character Affiliations ("Fall") With the spell in effect, Granny and the dwarfs start going haywire outside the diner. After she is gone, everyone is still trying to make sense of what just happened. Add fresh banana and blueberrys… [sic] $0.25, Baked Grapefruit… with brown sugar, half… $0.75 whole… $1.40, Breakfast Sundae… layered granola, vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit…$2.75, Cinnamon Raisin French Toast… with fresh fruit… $2.50, Blueberry Banana Pancakes… with fresh fruit… $2.50, 3 eggs scrambled w/garlic, bacon and potatoes… $2.75, Farmers Breakfast… potatoes with veggies, melted age white cheddar, topped w/two eggs any style, fresh salsa and sour cream… $3.50, Truckers Breakfast… 3 eggs, sausage or bacon, potatoes and toast… $2.75, Huevos Rancheros… flour tortilla, 3 eggs scrambled with peppers and onions, black beans, rosemary potatoes, fresh salsa and sour cream… $3.50, New Denver Omelet… smoked ham, or bacon, cheddar cheese, green peppers, potatoes and toast… $2.75, Bagel or English muffin or croissant or cinnamon raisin bread… $1.50. Worried, Zelena quickly leaves the diner to steal the potion. In the aftermath, David and Hook get into a squabble, with both of them blaming each other for not knowing where Emma went. She enjoys her first day in town as Mayor Mills, although when she enters Granny's she is annoye… In addition, the inn is located just around the corner from Granny's Diner. Gold beats him to a pulp, and Lacey finds this ever so hot. ("A Curious Thing"), After Snow and Charming's baby is born, and the Wicked Witch has been defeated, they hold a coronation ceremony at Granny's Diner to officially mark the occasion of announcing his name to the public. Suddenly, Robin arrives to ask for Regina's help with Marian, who has collapsed from an apparent freezing spell. Hook, while his actions are controlled by Mr. Gold via his heart, walks in and reveals the discovery of a portal in a mansion. He wishes to return to the Enchanted Forest, but she cautions the land won't be the same as it was with ogres desecrating what used to be their home. ("Snow Drifts") Emma and Hook return from the past and Emma is finally able to call Storybrooke her home - and call Mary Margaret and David her mom and dad. ("The Price of Gold"), While Mary Margaret is at the diner, Dr. Whale shows up and asks if she quit the volunteer position at the hospital because of him. ("Unforgiven"), With the trio restored after Maleficent's revival, the three ladies spend time at the diner. Mary Margaret happens to notice it's a book she has read before and they share a brief conversation about it. When Mary Margaret notices something is off about her friend, Ruby admits she feels out of place in town as the only existing werewolf left. Emma, who earlier had an awkward interaction with Hook about getting Elsa, Anna and Kristoff home, returns his heart to him and proceeds to comfort Regina. Gold, who's returned to town in secret, is standing outside the diner when he discovers Belle and Will's relationship. Outside, Emma and Hook approach the diner as Cruella and Ursula leave. Emma tells Tamara that Henry helped her get through the "craziness" of Storybrooke, and Tamara tells her that Neal is doing the same for her. Belle doesn't truly believe anyone is coming to town, and concludes the reason she wasn't on the ship to Neverland is because Mr. Gold doesn't need her. This is an actual wallpaper called Mirage Gray and was made by, A sign in the hallway points to the lobby at the. Add cheddar cheese … 1.0, Veggie and Cheese Omelet … 11 When Mr. Clark sneezes, Emma takes offense to this and turns him into a statue. People waiting outside, so we didn't wait to eat there. ("Shattered Sight"), After Ingrid sacrifices herself to lift the spell of shattered sight, her magic is undone. ("Going Home", "A Curious Thing"), Emma and Henry are brought back to Storybrooke by Hook, but the boy remembers nothing of the town or his time there. "Strange Case" Hook is compelled to go in with the Sorcerer's hat and absorb each and every last fairy into it. peppers, zucchini, red onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, rosemary potatoes and toast, Hakai Omelet … 12 ("Snow Drifts", "There's No Place Like Home"), Since Robin decides he must honor his marriage vows with Marian, Regina is left heartbroken by their breakup. Granny's Diner is a Storybrooke and Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. ("Lily") Gold and Isaac, the Author, are at the diner when Hook enters to gloat that Emma didn't go dark during her confrontation with Lily as Gold had planned. In actuality, his real identity is a former Enchanted Forest resident, Pinocchio, and it's his duty to make Emma believe in the curse so she can break it. Emma loves grilled cheese and sends someone to buy it for her on two occasions. When Ashley arrives with the baby, Ruby suggests having a girls' night out, which Mary Margaret is unwittingly roped into. ("The Thing You Love Most"). The building used to be owned by Nikka Industries and was a fishing and marine supply shop, but the business is now closed. Later, Albert Spencer approaches David and warns him that he plans to make his life hell as revenge for ruining his plans for family in the past. Every morning that she walks by she sees Granny and Ruby arguing about one thing or another, be it the latter's hours or the scantily-clad nature of her wardrobe. ("Queen of Hearts"), In honor of Mary Margaret and Emma's homecoming, Granny hosts a dinner at the diner, and all of Mary Margaret and David's friends attend, as well as Regina, who is invited by Emma. The stained glass-window in the corridor outside, A miniature rudder on the mantelpiece in the lounge. Though she asks his opinion on several houses for sale, he is disinterested in all of them. See "Visitors" Suddenly, Belle rushes in, interrupting the festivities to seek help for a dying Mr. Gold. Granny prods them about what they've been doing out there, but Leroy merely says it's just landscaping. medium tofu sautéed with veggies, lightly seasoned with curry and nutritional yeast, rosemary potatoes and toast, Truckers Breakfast … 10 Under Mr. Gold's orders, a reluctant Hook absorbs the nuns into the Sorcerer's hat. It is at the diner that August and Henry discuss the latter's storybook, and later where Emma and Sidney commiserate their failure. Not busy at the Cannery and lots of room - now I know why. The wrong buildingis also seen through the door in the, The interior scenes were filmed on a set inside. They lock themselves inside and Hook kills Merlin to enact a new Dark Curse. She is practicing her magic, and the two are soon interrupted by Belle, who's figured out the Wicked Witch's sinister plan. Guinevere frees Arthur and proclaims her love for her husband, though Lancelot quickly realizes she is under the influence of enchanted sand. Add new page. wild smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions, rosemary potatoes and toast, New Denver Omelet … 11.5 Hook tells Emma what he learned from Granny and assures her it's likely Regina has the situation under control. Granny's is a dinner/bed and breakfast in the ABC television series Once Upon A Time.

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