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As the nation and the world continue to struggle with COVID-19, we will continue to compile information on the virus as it relates to Medicare. Founded in 1986, the Center focuses on the needs of people with longer-term and chronic conditions. Because of this successful advocacy, Ann continues to live independently in the community, where she can raise her daughter and play an active role as a Disability Rights advocate. Consequently, the Board has allocated some of our Independent Living funds to support managed care and health care advocacy. RCIL's Healthcare Advocate is available to help consumers with all aspects of healthcare benefit planning including: •Assisting with Medicaid, Medicaid Long Term Care, and Medicare; •Explaining the differences among Managed Care plans; •Assisting with health plan selection and enrollment into Managed Care; The Center is funded through competitively bid contracts and grants, writing, consulting, honoraria, attorneys’ fees, and donations. Older people, people with disabilities, and families can breathe a bit easier today knowing a Biden Administration will hold access to health care and a strong Medicare program as core values. Our systemic advocacy is based on the experiences of the real people who contact the Center every day. Learn more. The Medicare program must be expanded, but in a manner that provides better coverage and cost-sharing protections for all beneficiaries. Here are a few success stories: "Ann Pryor" was facing a massive reduction in her Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services - from 168 to 94 hours per week, to be exact. The Center for Medicare Advocacy (the Center) is a national, non-profit, law organization that works to advance health equity and access to comprehensive Medicare coverage and quality health care for older people and people with disabilities. It’s the law! My Advocate helps you with your application and renewal. The attorney will be a member of the team that leads our high volume administrative law practice and individual legal advocacy. New York State. All you need to do, is ask. We have substantive priorities and sometimes represent people outside CT with those concerns – including, for example, obtaining Medicare to maintain or slow decline, not just to improve an individual’s condition, eliminating hospital observation status, and advancing Medicare coverage for oral health care, effective off-label medications, and prostheses. We are often asked to testify in Congress and weigh in on legislation. When you work with the Medicare Advocates, you’re dealing with a person one-on-one. The Center’s staff act as consultants and trainers for groups that are interested in learning about health care rights, Medicare coverage and appeals, or in developing Medicare advocacy projects. FOR ALL. However, less than 24 hours before her transition, Sarah received a phone call from her new insurance plan stating the plan does not have a contract with her current home care provider and her services would be temporarily discontinued starting the very next day. The Issue Brief was written with support from The John A. Hartford Foundation. Current issues in Medicare & health care, and your questions answered live. Medicare is currently being privatized and fragmented. Jimmo requires that Medicare rules and decision-makers provide coverage for skilled nursing and therapy needed to maintain a person’s condition, rather than apply an illegal standard requiring a beneficiary to improve in order to receive coverage for their care. The Keyword Search helps you find long term services and supports in your area. Black Lives Matter. Values matter. The Guided Search helps you find long term services and supports in your area. The Center is non-partisan. Through their self-advocacy and collaboration with our Healthcare Advocate, consumers have secured many victories! You are important to us. In there a need for help with any of the following: Is there a need for help with any of the following: First, let's name the new folder you'll be adding your favorites to, Address: We are a national, non-profit law organization. The Center for Medicare Advocacy produces a range of informative materials on Medicare-related topics. We do not endorse candidates. But before that can happen, we need to improve and protect the Medicare we have. We are eager and ready to do all we can to help strengthen Medicare for all current and future beneficiaries, and to do so in partnership with the new Administration.

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