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Producer John Stronach vowed to make the band “the Eagles of the new wave,” but even before the record was finished the group realized that their Los Angeles producer did not share the band’s more contemporary East Coast viewpoint. © 2011 Thomas Hauck Communications Services, Thomas Hauck Communications Services provides quality business writing that impacts your bottom line. That show, and others that followed, established them as one of Boston’s most popular unsigned power pop, new wave, proto-punk bands. The Atlantics recorded their Big City Rock album with another of ABC’s staff producers, John Stronach, who the band mates didn’t want either. At Max's they met their first manager, Fred Munao. A thousand copies were pressed but never released, and the single is now considered a collector’s item. After Bruce Wilkinson died in 2000, Bobby, Tom, Paul and Fred got together and started planning a release. Artist descriptions on are editable by everyone. The following spring Ray Fernandes replaced Boby Bear on drums. It was on local rotation at WBCN for six months, and made them even more popular than they had ever been before in Boston. When the band broke up in 1983, these tapes—mostly cassettes with a few ¼” safety masters—had been put into a storage for over 20 years. They wee joined by drummer Boby Bear and lead guitarist Jeff Lock. They fired their manager, and that was in litigation during “Lonelyhearts”‘ reign on the radio, so no record company would sign the act. They were the first Australian rock band to write their own hits. Fred Munao got the band signed to ABC Records that summer, and in December the Atlantics recorded their album “Big City Rock” at the Hit Factory in New York., Arts and Entertainment: Music A thousand copies were pressed but never released, and the single is now considered a collector's item. MCA had dropped them like a hot potato, and drummer Ray Boy Fernandes had left. Basic PLUS Author Then they offered the band an album deal, which was taken at management’s advice, but against their own better judgement. The Atlantics were signed to ABC Records that summer, and in December the band recorded their LP BIG CITY ROCK at the Hit Factory in New York. Coulda. He produced 13 tracks at his studio in Kingston, and had just completed the job when he suddenly passed away in May, 2006. The Atlantics played their first gigs in the spring of 1976 at The Rat in Kenmore Square and at a concert at Tufts University with Willy Alexander and Foxpass. Atlantics CDs are available at CDbaby and at Newbury Comics. The tracks on “ATLANTICS” are untouched, archival studio recordings from 1979-1982, with no contemporary overdubs. The company, together with Premier Talent, put the Atlantics on tour with Roxy Music, but the record was not supported. Fortunately, the signed agreement stipulated that if the label didn’t release the record within sixty days, The Atlantics had the right to cancel their contract. The cover concept that they went with - the rows of tiny photos of members of the band - was an instant hit, and luckily the song was too. Soon after, they opened for The Ramones at The Club in Cambridge by getting the punk group’s co-manager Danny Fields’ New York City phone number from dialing information, cold calling him, and then asking for the gig. Bruce Wilkinson died in October, 2000 at his home in Florida. The Atlantic covers news, politics, culture, technology, health, and more, through its articles, podcasts, videos, and flagship magazine. Encouraged by the success of their first new music in almost thirty years, the group also released Live, recorded in 1979 on the eve of their tour with Roxy Music; in the summer of 2007. Sound familiar? Its founders included Francis H. Underwood and prominent writers Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Jo… In May 1983, The Atlantics played their last show at The Channel with Extreme as one of the opening acts. “Lonelyhearts” had huge crossover appeal, and as a result the Atlantics appeared with such diverse artists as Prince (at the Metro in Boston on St. Patrick's Day, 1981), Foreigner (at the Cape Cod Coliseum), and Alice Cooper (at the Fitchburg Auditorium). The musicians specifically chose Ed Stasium, and he showed interest, but the label fought them on it for so long that by the time they were ready to go in to the studio, there were no other options but to use the wrong guy. The band quickly became an important and authentic part of the emerging punk/new wave movement. Enter Ray (Rayboy) Fernandes. In the summer of 1979 Paul Caruso joined the group as drummer, and the band came back in 1980 with what was to become one of New England's biggest independent singles, "Lonelyhearts," written by Tom Hauck. At Max's they met their first manager, Fred Munao. Consequently, some copies of ”Big City Rock” carried the ABC Records label, while later copies carried the MCA label. The Atlantic Monthly was created by Moses Dresser Phillips and Francis H. Underwood in Boston, and the first issue was published in November 1857. (Bruce) Wilkinson and guitarist Tom Hauck, while they were students attending Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Learn about more ways to support us here. The Atlantics made their first trips to New York in the summer of 1976, playing at CBGB and Max's Kansas City. The band recovered the tapes, and Paul Caruso took the tapes for restoration and conversion to digital format. Their new label was notoriously adverse to punk and new wave, and made little effort to promote the group. Thomas A. Hauck. Then “Lonelyhearts” was released, and it took off like a rocket. Thomas A. Hauck  |   The label didn’t release the music, so the members cancelled their obligation. He was nominated for a Grammy the year that he passed. The timing was not good, because the band lost momentum until they joined up with Steve Paul and Teddy Slatus, who managed Johnny Winter and David Johansen. In 2000 the group reformed with three of the original members, and they are still actively releasing new material and performing live. He was replaced by Paul Caruso. 2. To complete the lineup Bruce recruited singer Bobby Marron, a friend from his hometown in New Jersey. It was one of the Ramones’ first Boston appearances, and the shows helped establish the Atlantics as one of the leaders of the emerging punk/new wave movement in Boston. Exit Boby Bear. (Bruce) Wilkinson and guitarist Tom Hauck, while they were students attending Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. After The Atlantics, Paul Caruso played with Hauck in Ball and Pivot and became a producer and engineer and worked with Aerosmith and Joe Perry. The Atlantics then signed with Premier Talent in NYC, and the new agency booked the group on a national tour opening for Roxy Music. These tracks were recorded between 1979 and 1982 in studios in the Boston area, and have no overdubs or other alterations. Despite the band's ferocious live show and extensive regional radio play, by 1983 they still had not gained acceptance from the mainstream music industry.

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