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%PDF-1.4 Start date of Please do not submit this form more than 16 w eeks before the end of the week in Maternity Leave Application Form Section 1: Employee Details Name MMU ID Department Section 2: Pregnancy Details Where you are not yet able to provide details, insert TBA and provide the details when you are able. 08/19 Y. Sample Leave Application for Maternity Leave Application for Maternity Leave from School. ���A��|‹,E���Ev�)�|ʳ�f�����\����פ�y [���O�n�y�������i=Q�y�U��S��̠I��{R��E��$�Ί���T ��Q=N!����Mo8�����9,��i��Lp�>͠k��$܋� ��p��U��p/a�A"�6�v������¦�1�BI��������D��&j@LQ��y@+N|X@�X �%?AsW��h1:-���_�b@����u,X��I"1`T"4I$D�0�ҫud����h ��tmn"p��j���5!�t3E�5��#!ġa����Ds�,*|�_B}��M{��o�&��5�wx}J? l Ijunderstand,. KV7>�`1Y $�|Z�A�,_���3XF�,ں���x��~�xz���m�$c 8,�>d�`Dk|\��6cP�c��D�|�^��xbAT[��~����"Ŋf� L�/���4rfY#m��'�e��:�����{0����B�t�Eى�H1ILnF h��꣦8�� ���$��kg`bd` ��������� X�e It is paramount you furnish the duly filled TSC maternity leave form Kenya with correct personal particulars. 1515 0 obj <>stream Form GPML1 Updated July 2017 Page 4 of 5 Version 2017.2 EXPLANATORY NOTES ON DECLARATION BY EMPLOYEE Declaration of eligibility 1. h�b```����W@��(���1�o�P�g4�wX���u�`�x�4�O���:&\0�~�[ż��3P����� +vtttu����#��Iq��'%��ŏ�Y���s� ��,`")�~HQ��s(!ȶ��c���凎0�I_K�s�P���~@I��K;A����\m���|� ��K�00dtt001�qGG�{@if� ҂P fr#����Nf f�h���d3 1���� 1�b P�0Ne`�g�ahb(bh�(�,T($)����.�c�E3�3YvN�g`d��8� L7f9- -6F��D1`�Xw����N�����_��3A��A�ˠ�(g��t�D���``:�H�10D��M�g`�d��0 ���� endobj Please note: You are required to give a minimum of four weeks notice to your employer before taking Maternity Leave. Respected Madam, Pleased be informed that I want to take maternity leave from 1st May, 2014 to 1st July, 2014. 2 0 obj This form should be submitted by a female employee to her employer, at least one week before the start of her Maternity Leave, or where it is not practicable to submit the form one week before the start of her Maternity The maternity leave letter of intent is submitted to an employer when requesting the time-off necessary to give birth, recover, and care for the newborn baby. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/StructParents 0>> Maternity . 1475 0 obj <> endobj Subject: Application for Maternity Leave. h�bbd```b``�"��K@$� �d��`RD���H�`� D 1497 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9C8B9B7BCF66E845BDF5F01EB37AA05C>]/Index[1475 41]/Info 1474 0 R/Length 112/Prev 227868/Root 1476 0 R/Size 1516/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream By logging in, you indicate that you have read and agree our. <> 1 0 obj stream x��\mo�6� �A��-�oz��$�ˡ9�E����+�F�Z��:=���R)-��kYx���p8�yf��ū����]�o��xu8���n�|�����~q�x�]|h?����v�_||�:�v���}�]�������/_\����L.�_�`I��D�y)���yœ���E�?���ŧ�}{�v�mv.��c�{r���/�+d70`��e�r��&!Z%r��ص_�s�v�!�(s�Nc�˙�i_ݣ��w��6;)�(�a��X��΅:M�ld^Gf�ߗ/~�#.~�I�|)���O��uMc*�+��B����`�ŻM��k�7��$o߿N���,�_�{�?���$���?f�GX�����*���5��B�'��*g�0�ح����L�=�KpmX�kX���!9/r�Tr���~t6^���4���>c"�C�[�x�X�v!d��K�O (���O�����Li����J�ˈ�H������gÉ ,Ҕ�u6u���ap���Z���ڍkD�INr��%%���F�0;R��vH5���A� #���qIkQV������B��2�4�a�����--*���Y�=�+}��1��T�����l���p n�S�Y To apply for maternity leave as a teacher, you will need first to secure a TSC maternity leave form. endobj Having trouble downloading PDF files or with the PDF editor. 4 0 obj ���l5� Allowance. Please note photocopies of this declaration are not acceptable. ���H��8,rD���H�h) 6GJH2 Maternity Leave/Additional Maternity Leave Application Form – HR 108 (i) This form is to be used by employees to apply for Maternity Leave or additional Maternity Leave.

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