last of us 2 leaks spoilers video

It's a heartbreaking turn of events for a title that's been in development for several years now. Halley Gross. Beware! I'd have been really disappointed had I gone in blind and experienced that firsthand. Anyone who does not want surprises or any other story and gameplay elements to be ruined should avoid watching something about which they were warned would spoil anything.” -ScreenRant. Reading any comments is almost certainly a risk. I did see the leaks lol I can just come to grips with what I saw unlike you. Update 2: Sony may have been quick to respond to the official wave of leaked The Last of Us: Part II videos, but it's been unable to stop the bleeding. Further to my comments above, I had a look at all the spoiler videos. Uhhh well if that is true, I fucking hate it. Some people are entitled beyond logical reasoning. Games and movies have trolls who leak everything all the time and it rarely affects them. man i want that reddit leak to be real so badly. Anyone wanting to start The Last Of Us 2 as an entirely fresh experience, look away! This could be the hardest hit to Naughty Dog and Sony. @DominatorV93 obviously, you do. 9 minutes of the gameplay of the next title in the saga The Last of Us have been leaked. If it turns out to be some bitter ex employee then I hope they get blackballed from the entire industry. Share. Don't know if it'll be in though... Hm... Wonder if Troy was trying to warn everyone! ‍♀️. This petition need to get at 10.000, — Tushnad&Pie (@ThelastIani) April 27, 2020. @DonJorginho I saw the meatier clips and honestly without context I didn't feel spoiled, with one inconsequential exception by my estimate. Fans gets what they want, Naughty Dog gets theirs and not too difficult to implement. Had no intention of buying, playing or even watching the game so helped myself to the spoilers in full. First saw a story about this on Kotaku AU...much like here suggested maybe a disgruntled (or former),ND staffer or maybe QA tester-if they did manage to track down who,you would wonder if they'd be up for more than just a lawsuit from Sony/ND, & the conduct could be argued as industrial sabotage? :-/, Sony definitely need to put out a statement about this. This is the worst management decision that can ever be made by a company. Also can you please ban the guy that is clearly trying to spoil things to people, I did report it but nothing's been done yet. oh they can't be so big already so i can probably click on this an- oh", Joel dying was expected but still hurts bad, I'll be more than happy to see Ellie dying that annoying piece of shit but man not Joel :(, inject this shit right into my eyeballs i love it. It is difficult to get physical copies of the game to everyone. Sony are seriously messing up here, they need to release the game digitally ASAP. Don’t give the people what they want if you tell something meaningful. This all sounds wild, like the writers were able to go off the walls. Treat your employees better and this does not happen. Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop. Witnessing a legendary thread in the making. What you really mean is you have zero self control and care to do nothing about all while directing your frustration at people that don't deserve it. I personally do not blame the developer at all. here is what is left. @Scraggler If it’s in fact a ‘joke’, it’s literally the worst, bottom of the barrel humour out there. Call of Duty Fans Aren't Pleased with the Black Ops Cold ... More PS5 Consoles Will Be Available Before and After Chri... Join 350,207 people following Push Square: © 2020 Nlife Media, partner of Gamer Network. This is all so exciting, such an interesting turn of events, can't wait. "Ambassador, with these Ferrero Rocher you are really spoiling The last of us" . Due to the game’s release date delay, Naughty Dog does not want to pay the developers until the game gets released and makes some money first. Haha. They wouldn’t scrap and rewrite a script because of damn leaks. All Rights Reserved - Created By Marwan Mahdy, This is a customizable subscription pop-up to sign up your visitors to your newsletter, Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Naughty Dog forces developers to work overtime and crunch, Cyberpunk 2077 delayed again till December 10, The Haunting of Verdansk is out now, an all new mode in Call of Duty and Warzone, Paying PS Plus members will get access to cheats and walkthroughs on Playstation 5. The gameplay looks amazing, the graphics look great for alpha build and the game is long! All the people who knew Joel was a ghost in the first trailer, riseeeeeee. @Rob_230 @get2sammyb Sorry to hear that. Unlike Last Jedi where I was 1st out the cinema door in frustration, @Tha_Likely_Lad I really hope you enjoy it, I do think the gameplay looks really great, and I will play it after a while. They are massive, and kinda give me bad vibes about the game's direction, I feel sorry for anyone who is shown these without knowing what it is beforehand. Even this comment section isn't safe anymore I guess... What was the reason for the ex dev leaking it? I won't spoil anything, but unfortunately I won't be buying the game on launch as planned after I was spoiled certain major story moments. As players will now find ways to cheat and alter the content of the game. Still, there is speculation that a disgruntled Naughty Dog employee might be behind it as seems to a developer build. @Ironmanajm I'm 30 years old, I work here, and you're breaking lots of community rules. Even spoke to someone on YouTube who was leaking the game. If you do cancel your pre-order you do have the benefit of waiting for a review, watching someone else play, even Share Playing it if you can manage. You're going to need to if you want to enjoy the story, but on top of that, you're going to need to lower your expectation when it comes to Naughty Dog story telling. I'll quickly click away if I catch sight of anything. Mgs2....Mgs2 everywhere. The story beats and themes, while absolutely a tired pastiche, could have been interesting in a video game if this game where not a sequel. I just hope that this narrative makes more sense when it's fully out than it does now. I can see why the guy said the game will change the way you saw/understood the original story. @Akurusu I am thinking if you don't defeat the 'final boss', you get a second ending. @Tha_Likely_Lad I think they definitely lost out on a lot of sales, it'll still sell well though I'm sure. I'm still sure the game is going to be fantastic visually and from a gameplay point of view. Major spoiler alert. I know who i am, how i treat people in life, what my ideology is and i keep respecting other peoples life preferences... i don't need you or anyone else to lecture me what i see or hear, nor what i have problems with (unless you want to sound like a pretentious c*nt like you do in your comment). @Tha_Likely_Lad They are so hard to avoid man. The gameplay looks really fantastic, but I don't know if I can stomach that part for that long, no matter how good the gameplay is. Either be an advocate for people to be treated well, and accept that game delays will take place, and also take a lot longer to be completed. I would be super weird and kinda off-putting playing half of the game as the murderer of Joel. Don't punish us on top of all of this other nonsense. The leaked scene might not suggest Joel’s death entirely, but it certainly doesn’t look suitable for the protagonist from the previous game. I'm sorry you can't be sympathetic when actions are deliberate. You don't just switch from working at an office, to working at home with the same efficiency from one day to another. Employ a level of caution when reading any articles involving/or is likely to involve spoilers and you won't run into them. Create your free account and enjoy our features for registered users: 9 minutes of the gameplay of the next title in the saga The Last of Us have been leaked. @Lobbo95 It didn’t deserve to be leaked because I was anticipating it as well. However, the story comes off like a really bad fan fiction that s**** all over the first game and it's characters. It's BS. “You are Banned!”: Phil Jackson’s Agent Reveals Harsh Threats Issued by Chicago Bulls’ Jerry Krause During Contract Negotiations, The Last of Us II Shatters Yet Another Record, The Last of Us II is Nothing Short of a ‘Technical Showcase’, The Last of Us 2: ‘Fastest-Selling PS4 Exclusive to Date’, Uncharted 2: “Making a Game That’s Telling a Story”,, Exciting Details Revealed About Upcoming Apex Legends Season 5 Teaser. I will admit the idea of switching protagonists midway through the game has me really curious and excited. I have seen the images posted buy f**king douche bags that think they are cool and saw some gameplay and i'm not one bit put off by it, i'll experience it myself and not go by leaks like 90% of morons that fell for it. So story spoilers? I hope Imsomniac or suckerpunch will usurp the position of golden child of Sony 1st party and a restructering of Ndog, Trying to avoid the spoilers as much as possible, it's been my most anticipated game since its reveal, I don't even know where it goes from here with release and whatnot, the hype for me has certainly died down with no particular reason than having to wait and wait for it, I'm more hyped for ghost of tsushima at the minute.

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