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The goal of bandaging is to: • Help . Although compression wraps for lymphedema may not be for everyone, they are certainly an option worth looking into. It has six massage modes, three massage sequence, three massage areas (thigh, leg… the swelling … The Farrow Wrap… If the patient has only leg edema, a knee-high Farrow Wrap™ is all he or she needs. Controlling Swelling with Multi-layered Compression Wraps Multi-layered compression wraps are made to reduce and control the swelling, or edema, in your legs and keep it from coming back. They work especially well for lymphedema patients, as there are often fluctuations in the leg size that the velcro wrap can accommodate. Wrapping your body with bandages (compression), helps move the lymph fluid in the direction of the heart. The Farrow Wraps resists rolling or sliding down the leg and so they will work on patients with hourglass-shaped legs providing reliable compression. prevent. your swelling • Help . The wraps for the thigh and that of the leg can be used separately as the can be detached. This Lymphedema compression comes with wraps for the thighs, legs, and feet. Compression wrap … have swelling include your feet and leg(s). reduce. They are …

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