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Jerry Craft But reading a graphic novel to yourself, near a younger reader, can invite those same (and new) conversations in a refreshingly spontaneous way. She can’t glance at a page and immediately engage with the story the way she can when I’m reading a graphic novel. Even though this book deserved every award it has received, the middle-grade plot is what truly resonates with readers. As he makes his way through his new school, Jordan finds that there are small nuances of racist behavior that make him feel uncomfortable. Casually read it to yourself—near your child—not to them. Seventh grader Jordan Banks has just become the new kid at the prestigious Riverdale Academy Day School, and he has a few concerns. Why can’t she admit that she’s been using the wrong name?” I expected a typical 8-year-old response like, “She’s mean!” But I was surprised to hear her recall a time at school when a peer did not appreciate her own critical feedback. ; Last year, I picked up Jerry Craft’s New Kid from the library. Just a few pages after the library scene, those same smiley emojis surround Ashley, who has just secretly gifted some questionable items to Drew: a Black Santa cookie, a gift card to KFC, and basketball shaped cookies. An engrossing, humorous, and vitally important graphic novel that should be required reading in every middle school in... by But we turned the page to discover that, in this case, Ashley used what she had learned about Drew as an individual to decide on gifts she knew he’d like. ... Jordan Banks, is a … Like Drew and Jordan, my daughter and I had been conditioned at this point in the story to interpret those emoji faces as a signal that Ashley was making racist assumptions about what a Black student would want as a gift. His three fellow “newbies” on the Defenders await their turns to star in subsequent series outings. In his early weeks at Riverdale Academy Day School (RAD), seventh grader Jordan Banks is so happy when he sees another African American student that small cupids appear around his head. CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS | We talked more about how Jordan and Drew might’ve felt when they were given those books and why. All Rights Reserved. Get The Triangle's top stories directly to your inbox every Friday, THE INDEPENDENT STUDENT NEWSPAPER AT DREXEL UNIVERSITY SINCE 1926. Craft has a way of including themes of racism, racial identity, adolescence and humor with a side of brevity, that is perfect for his target audience. Each third-person narrative offers an accessible look at migration under duress, in which the behavior of familiar adults changes unpredictably, strangers exploit the vulnerabilities of transients, and circumstances seem driven by random luck. So do I. Alan Gratz CHILDREN'S SOCIAL THEMES | Jordan Banks takes readers down the rabbit hole and into his mostly white prep school in this heartbreakingly accurate middle-grade tale of race, class, microaggressions, and the quest for self-identity. Characters are black by default; those few white people in Ghost’s world are described as such. Get two audiobooks for the price of one, from your local indie bookstore. The Kirkus Prize: Spotlight on Finalists in Young Readers Literature (Picture Books and Middle Grade Books), Dispatch from the 2019 Kirkus Prize Ceremony, Our Editor-in-Chief Surveys the Best of 2019 and Picks Some Favorites. illustrated by Categories: He had shown his boys the early draft of a tense scene in "New Kid." It’s free and takes less than 10 seconds! In the midst of political turmoil, how do you escape the only country that you’ve ever known and navigate a new life? Retrieve credentials. When one teacher finds and reads Jordan’s private sketchbook, she discovers that he views her casual errors with his name as an indication that he is “insignificant.”. Have you ever read a graphic novel in the vicinity of a young reader? Jerry Craft Categories: illustrated by Poignant, respectful, and historically accurate while pulsating with emotional turmoil, adventure, and suspense. CHILDREN'S HISTORICAL FICTION, by Alexander Nabaum. Jordan Banks is a well-crafted character who will, for sure, inspire any young reader. But the emojis highlight the tension between her self-perception and the icky feelings her actions invoke in Jordan, Drew, and Maury. Last year, I picked up Jerry Craft’s New Kid from the library. Drew suspects her gifts are another example of others only seeing him as a Black kid. Castle “Ghost” Cranshaw feels like he’s been running ever since his dad pulled that gun on him and his mom—and used it. I have taught my students how to critically read and analyze graphic novels, and how to incorporate unique elements and devices to tell their own compelling stories in graphic form, so I was particularly excited to check out New Kid for its potential as a classroom mentor text. Like anyone who has ever moved to a new town or school, it makes sense to be nervous entering unfamiliar territory. Jordan soon finds himself torn between two worlds—and not really fitting into either one. illustrated by Beginning June 26th 2017, your browser may no longer allow you to access your accounts online. When he inserts himself into a practice for a local elite track team, the Defenders, he’s fast enough that the hard-as-nails coach decides to put him on the team. Ghost is surprised to find himself caring enough about being on the team that he curbs his behavior to avoid “altercations.” But Ma doesn’t have money to spare on things like fancy running shoes, so Ghost shoplifts a pair that make his feet feel impossibly light—and his conscience correspondingly heavy. ‧ Jerry Craft, by Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). Three countries, three time periods, three brave protagonists. But also consider picking up a graphic novel that addresses those ideas. Jason Reynolds, by When the librarian recommends books about the mean streets to Black students, she’s surrounded with bland smiley face emojis. “Why did we assume Ashley was being racist?” I asked out loud. I was so engrossed in the images of several book covers with increasingly dire titles that I barely noticed my daughter hovering over my shoulder, equally captivated. “New Kid” by Jerry Craft hit the shelves last Feb., yet the buzz about this graphic novel has yet to die down. “The difference is that Ashley wouldn’t give those gifts to just anyone who is Black.”. Excellent for older middle grade and above in classrooms, book groups, and/or communities looking to increase empathy for new and existing arrivals from afar. Jason Reynolds Jason Reynolds Keep an eye on your inbox. Frandsen Bank & Trust is a full-service community banking, trust and investment services organization with offices located throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Yet these three refugee odysseys have so much in common. Each initially leaves by boat, struggles between visibility and invisibility, copes with repeated obstacles and heart-wrenching loss, and gains resilience in the process. It could be due to its recent success, winning the Corretta Scott King Award, or maybe because it is the first graphic novel to win the Newberry Medal. Ghost’s narration is candid and colloquial, reminiscent of such original voices as Bud Caldwell and Joey Pigza; his level of self-understanding is both believably childlike and disarming in its perception.

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