how do you use boost in a sentence

When levels are low enough, the body tries to boost production of the hormones, but then production of Cortisol is lowered as the body redirects its energy. This may be all you need to boost your self-development as a reviewer, or to get your groups reviewing. With this in mind, I led a team that looked at ways to boost retention, with particular focus on the early period. After your coffee cools to warm (not hot), mix in some of your favorite flavored protein powder for a delicious morning protein boost. You can then look back on your collection whenever you feel the need for an inspiring boost. Allowing staff to gain qualifications at work can boost self-esteem too. Costume jewelry was given a boost when famous Parisian fashion designer Coco Chanel began designing costume jewelry to be worn with her popular, and costly, clothing. It can also send more power to the electric engine to give it a boost for quick pick up. Organic kombucha tea is an herbal supplement used primarily for detoxification and to boost wellness. We sometimes get over 3000 hits a day, and doing so would boost both our rankings in google. The boost list of example sentences with boost. Hummingbird Exceed provides the performance boost necessary for students to remotely access graphically intensive CAD design tools from PCs in their homes. Dr. Rebecca Castaneda runs this state of the art dental facility, specializing in cosmetic procedures to boost your pearly whites. Where they connect vertically can be one, two, or more extra words, giving you an extra little boost in the point category. I must admit, it was quite an ego boost for me to see someone so enraptured with my work. During this time, he made a couple of movies that would boost his rising star even higher. Renewal more than requested only a. Having a party is a lot of fun, but having a swim party can boost your event to a whole new level of excitement. Power walking following a stressful event can help you unwind and relax, while power walking before an anxiety-causing meeting or event will boost your self-confidence, increase your focus, and minimize mental and physical anxiety symptoms. Service provider: Alltel, AT&T, Boost, Verizon, Tracfone, unlocked, and others. definitions. SI's swim issue is usually eagerly anticipated, and the model that makes the cover typically gets a significant boost to her career. Farmers, able to grow soybeans in their fields, have been given a boost as the demand for soybean fuel increases. Essentially the action of streptokinase is to boost the fibrinolytic system and remove thrombi which are potentially life-threatening. The move toward containerisation is balanced by a call for initiatives to boost the future growth of the reefer industry. to help, stimulate, or encourage something to improve. In the mid-1990s, Fawcett agreed to a pictorial in Playboy magazine, perhaps to once again boost her pin-up status. Many styles include shelf bras to provide a little extra support and may also include removable cups for added boost. If it's in the budget, a Brazilian smoothing treatment packed with keratin may help boost hair health in the interim. Some women pose for Playboy in order to give their careers a little salacious boost. Episode 9: Miss Macross Macross City holds its first beauty contest in an attempt to boost morale. External links Professor Roger Patient awarded funding boost for stem cell research Email your views on this article: ' Is size everything? lumberjacks tonic because of the incredible energy boost it gives them. There are also diets for vitamin B12 deficiency which can help to boost the amount taken daily. I love the way the terrible digital clock has been replaced by a turbo boost gage. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Under these circumstances, you may have some greater success with signal boost for cellular phones if you simply adjust your physical location. Green Point Mortgage also offers many different resources on their website to help brokers and lenders boost their productivity. And devaluing the peso could boost inflation, as imported goods will become much more expensive. Use feng shui for the bedroom to help career reputation for a little boost in your financial picture. Just adding a shirt in a modern and seasonal color can liven up your summer look and give you the boost you need. Most people need a boost on how to improve their time management skills and luckily there are various resources available. granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor for 5 days to boost her white blood cells. It is now almost exclusively used to boost the level of other pis, meaning two to four caps a day instead of 12. To ensure that you are getting a fully legal download and a ringtone that will definitely work with your chosen handset, you may consider finding a ringtone from the Boost Mobile website itself. Friend the Prime Minister gave a huge boost this week to the nuclear power lobby. With the movie Sideways not only did Pinot Noir get a huge boost in sales and people clamoring to taste the wine, the Pinot growing regions became hugely impacted. We often take medication and receive vaccinations to boost our immune system, making it stronger than it is by itself. Press Left Analog-stick Forward and hold X to boost away. Things like ground nuts, tahini, rice, and whole grains can also be added to veggie burgers to boost nutrition and flavor. American Idol producers have been asked to help boost the ratings of the dwindling Primetime Emmy Awards. Private pools, outdoor showers and Egyptian bed linen boost the luxury quotient. 10. To go even faster, you tap any direction on the d-pad (accessible with your left thumb) to initiate the "boost" or "turbo". Many dog food brands include a large amount of inexpensive grain fillers in their formulas because they help boost profit. Simple combinations such as toast with peanut butter or oatmeal with walnuts can provide a boost of protein and help keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Just as he sets you on the ground, hit the gas (A button) and you'll get a quick boost to get you back in the race. Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan: Known informally as Free and Easy Wanderer Pills, this herbal Chinese remedy has been used for centuries to boost the spirits. A three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide, which is available in grocery or drug stores, can be applied after the vinegar treatment for an extra cleaning boost. This helps boost your mood and increases your self-confidence. If the exterior of your home is looking faded and in need of a color boost you might ask yourself, "What color should I paint my house?". News: Mercedes boost for health worker News: Want to be a litter lout or let your dog foul... fine then! One of the reasons why female celebrities might be sticking with the smokes is that smoking can boost metabolism. Reduction in the tax on unearned income could be a, 10. redirected URL, taking away any PageRank boost. To try and boost take up, the report recommends giving every couple a complimentary voucher, to be distributed by marriage celebrants. Adding some spinach or seaweed will boost the nutrition of your drink even more. It can also be used as supplementary curriculum in one or more areas, as a boost over the summer months, during times when life is hectic or even when the family is going through a crisis that requires the teaching parent's attention. Whether for business or pleasure travel, a trench, especially the classic double breasted model, will serve you better and boost your confidence. This can easily boost a woman's self-esteem if she's self-conscious about a very small bust. Eating plenty of leafy green vegetables will help you boost your intake. boost competitiveness within an existing business, or to start a new enterprise. The charity aims to boost guests ' self-belief so that they can start the New Year with renewed determination to overcome their problems. It is easy to think that taking herbs to boost the immune system would naturally protect you from hay fever, but sometimes immune boosting herbs, such as echinacea, can cause further allergies. Push up plus size bras not only provide the essential support a woman needs, but also provide a little bust boost! Some people also feel that high doses, as much as 1000 to 2000 mg a day, of vitamin C will help to boost the immune system and fight hay fever. Makeup artists truly transform us for those special moments, and since it has been proven that cosmetics enhance self esteem and boost confidence, they make every ordinary day special as well. Windows Genuine Advantage is a stepped-up effort by Microsoft to boost the number of Windows users who pay for the operating system. all-out to win the prestigious title having decided this could be the boost it needs. Beyond its obvious beauty, it also adds a little leverage to the bust with its removable foam pads, which allow the wearer to control whether she wants the boost or not. Public-policy standpoint is the other two has helped boost. This gives a double boost to actual money because of the metal element. Some people use opaque lenses to completely change the eye color, while "color enhancer" lenses actually boost your existing natural eye color. This genre of video games received its biggest boost in the early 1990s with the release of Street Fighter II: World Warrior. We wish Jo every success and look forward to working closely with her to boost tourism in Rutland. This can give graduates an enormous boost if they wish to set up their own company. The new advertisment strategy really helped to boost production. Publishing college swimsuit calendars can be a great way to boost school spirit and highlight the most beautiful girls on campus. conformal boost technique for prostatic cancer. The vast amount of information available, combined with the helpful staff and volunteers, can provide a valuable boost to anyone searching for information about their family history. These meals take existing foundations of foods or presentations that kids enjoy and modify them slightly to boost nutrition.

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