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Circa 1969-1972: The newly designed coffee mug released ony for the Fiesta Ironstone line, was not part of the starter sets, but had to be purchased seperately as a stand alone piece. Measures 13 1/16" long. With its sleek art deco lines, the sauce boat, produced in all twelve original glazes, was a welcome and lasting addition to the Harlequin line. It is the rings and the flatness that will gaurantee you have a cake plate and not a regular dinner plate. Rings would have been jiggered into the pottery and the knobs would have been finished by hand. Fiesta gift cards are the perfect way to say, “thanks for having me!”, Corporate Office 672 Fiesta Drive Newell, WV 26050800-452-4462304-387-1300Email Us. Your cart will be emptied if you change the store, You have changed your store to Default Store View. Price Store; Delmonte Del Monte 100% Pineapple Juice with Vitamins A-C-E (6 x 240 ml) ₱ 215.00 : Lazada : Delmonte Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail (1 can x 3.033 kg) ₱ 278.00 : Lazada : Delmonte Del … 10% off. Circa 1938-1948: The riviera juice tumbler is one of the few pieces in the line where you can occassionally find a turquoise example. Fiesta Plate— 9" Luncheon », See All Vintage Fiesta 9" Luncheon Plates, Vintage SM Markets uses cookies so we can serve you better. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. These thick walled units, designed in 1937, were only in production for six years. Circa 1939-1959: The 9" Harlequin plate measures 9 1/4"w and can be found in all twelve vintage colors. Designed by Frederick Rhead and released for production for Woolworths at the beginning of 1939, the novelty ball creamer enjoyed 20 years of popularity. By continuing to use our site you agree to our cookie policy. Circa 1936-1944: The vintage Fiesta covered marmalade jar was added to the line in mid 1936. Fiesta Plate— Chop 15" Circa 1940-1943: The promotional campaigns put on by Homer Laughlin Pottery Company introduced some lovely art pottery pieces with unusual design and shape, outside the standard fare of the dinnertable and into the realm of something more unique, quirky and special. Measures 6 1/4" x 2". Found in red, yellow, maroon, spruce, mauve and rarely original green. The thick plate with deep wells and an many bottom rings is a great version of the divided plate. Circa 1936-1969: The larger chop plate was discontinued in 1959 right before the release of Medium Green glaze, but the 13" version continued and will be found in the rare Medium Green glaze. Circa 1969-1972: Dessert Bowl— The dessert bowl was designed specifically for the Ironstone line and is found in the four glazes (mango red, turf green, antique gold and amberstone brown). Christmas Less likely to be found with damage than the tripod candle holders and at a fraction of the price. Fiesta Comport— Sweets », Vintage Circa 1938-1948: Riviera pottery was designed on the tailcoats of art deco and industrial influences. Circa 1938-1943: Presenting another opportunity to mix-n-match the Vintage Fiesta colors, the Kitchen Kraft stacking refigerator sets offer a delightful way to ad whimsy to your collection. … Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Cebu City | SM SUPERMARKET NORTH RECLAMATION CEBU, Las Piñas City | SM SUPERMARKET SOUTHMALL, Mandaluyong CIty | SM HYPERMARKET MANDALUYONG, Mandaluyong City | SM SUPERMARKET MEGAMALL A, Muntinlupa City | SM HYPERMARKET MUNTINLUPA, Taguig City | SM SUPERMARKET AURA PREMIER, Valenzuela City | SM HYPERMARKET VALENZUELA. Circa 1967-1972: One of four restyled vintage shapes, released in 1967 for the Amberstone and Ironstone lines, the fiesta coffeepot made its return for another five years and two colors, antique gold (shown here) and amberstone sheffield dark brown. Circa 1936-1942: Produced for a scant six years, the after-dinner demitasse stick handled coffee pot is a highly desirable and hard to find item. Generously large enough, the Vintage Fiesta plates are a great and affordable way to enjoy your favorite vintage colors. Circa 1938-1948: Riviera teacup and saucer sets were produced in all four riviera glaze colors and echo the lines scalloped edges and contoured handle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Circa 1969-1972: Cereal/Soup Bowl— Bowls have always been a popular item and Homer Laughlin has not disappointed with the variety of designs and shapes. McCormick Buco Pandan Flavor 20ml ₱64.80 . Circa 1967-1969: North of Chicago, in Wilmette, Illinois, J&H International distributed housewares. These large round platters were meant to serve up steaks and chops—thus the name. The salt and pepper shaker is a staple in a potteries foundation, and it is no surprise that they would have been among the first pieces to take shape. The other colors are rarely, if ever, found with the lid. An impressive sized pitcher, dipped in all twelve Harlequin glazes. Both versions of the Riviera teapot are hard to find. Circa 1938-1969: The Fiesta disc water pitcher may be the most universally recognized shape in the entire Fiesta pottery line. Within six months, before turquoise glaze was even devloped they were discontinued— cut before the 12" divided plate or the covered onion soup bowl. Fiesta Ironstone Coffee Mug  », Vintage Fiesta Ironstone Coffee Server  », Vintage Fiesta Ironstone Marmalade in Original Sheffield Amberstone Glaze », See All Fiesta Mustards & Covered Marmalades, Vintage The three piece ensemble makes quite the statement. The first version of the Fiesta sugar bowl was slip cast, had a flat inside bottom, a deeper foot and slipcast lid with nearly a 1/2" flange. The carafe is found only in the first six original colors and is hard to find, especially in excellent, undamaged condition. Learn More. Like most of the early Fiesta line, the piece needed much hand craftsmanship, such as smoothing mold seams and attatching a seperately slip cast handle. Produced in the first six vintage colors only. Circa 1938-1948: The Tabbed Handles add a nice touch to the Riviera platter and give us yet another style of platter to choose from. Slots are not guaranteed until after checkout. Found in all four original colors of yellow, green, blue and red. Circa 1936-1969: Vintage Fiesta plates are found in 4 basic sizes, the 6, 7, 9 and 10" plates. Produced in the first six vintage colors only. Circa 1936-1969: The 10 1/2" compartment plate was inspired from a suggestion by retailers Lazarus after pottery designer Frederick Rhead visited their stores in Columbus Ohio. Fiesta Creamer— Ring Handle All examples are rare, with the turquoise version being the hardest of all to find, produced in limited quantities for a very short time. Fiesta Plate— Deep Circa 1938-1945: The first couple of years proved so successful for the Harlequin pottery line, that it was quickly expanded. Modeled by Arthur Kraft and part of the initial 16 piece Harlequin line, the oval baker sports a profusion inside modeled lines. Circa 1936-1937: The larger version of the divided plate was one of the first pieces of the vintage Feista pottery line discontinued (removed from the line before the turquoise color was introduced, thus only available in the first five vintage colors). Measures 5 9/16" w x 1 1/2" h. Circa March 1938-1959: Found in all twelve colors, harder to find in the red glaze which would have been discontinued early in 1943 and extremely rare in the medium green glaze. Circa 1936-1969: The Vintage Fiesta 10" dinner plates really impress, with their oversized width, the bands of concentric rings can be spotted across the room.

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