death battle mickey mouse vs spongebob

Bugs Bunny Beatbox • Ed Edd & Eddy Beatbox, Cartoon Beatbox Showcase SpongeBob has also performed some incredible feats like constantly defeating Plankton who is probable TWICE as smart as he is. SpongeBob looks at Mickey intimidatingly and prepares to fire a laser from his guitar. SpongeBob then drops his jaw in utter shock. Yeah, a lot of companies can't seem to make their own original movies. Boomstick: Mickey has great strengh, can knock someone twice his sice in one fell swoop, kick a soccer ball so hard that it emits fire, can send enemies to the double of their size by flying when hit, raise an obese rabbit the size of a man and managed to tie and trip a giant. Keyblade? The doodles then start marching toward Mickey, who quickly begins to slash them. Mickey also then prepares a beam light attack from his Keyblade. This isn't SpongeBob's greatest strength! At 0:50 in a frame, Mickey Mouse's mic doesn't have any color. season 2, featuring Mickey Mouse from Disney and SpongeBob SquarePants from Nickelodeon in a match-up that rivals that of Mario and Sonic! Mickey then summons Aero, shielding him and lifting SpongeBob whilst he is slashing his spatula at him. He then gets a beat going. But when he go it out, Mickey used the Sorcerer's Hat and threw a fireball that destroyed the book. That tickled! Wiz: All right, the combatants are set! Mickey Mouse then states it's better than what Spongebob can do. SpongeBob then reaches in his pocket and finds the Magic Pencil, confusing Mickey who then burst out in laughter. The Keyblade's own strength wasn't enough to hurt SpongeBob either. Boomstick: Spongebob also has a jellyfish net to catch jellyfishes or to trap any people and counter any projectiles, he has a magic pencil wich allows him to create anything he draws to life, the magic pencil has an eraser to erase his creations. Boomstick: In the form, Mickey grabs flight and super strength but only last 10 minutes. Who's the mouse with a plan that's gonna cook you like a frying pan - ME! Couldn't they have come up with a better name that "Keyblade"? verbalase then shoves Spongebob out of the way, and then Mickey Mouse's beatbox round starts. Wow, someone needs to work on those names... His spells also include that of Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Graviga, Magnet and Aero. Release Date Mickey Mouse vs Spongebob Squarepants was the very first episode of Cartoon Beatbox Battles. Boomstick: Pearl soots balls of light at the opponent, Light of Healing is able to heal Mickey, Stopza allows you stop the time, can shoot rays of your Keyblade and Auto-Teleport allows Mickey to teleport. Mickey: Gee, seems kinda lazy to have others fight for you! There will always be a door to the light. But there's even more... We see SpongeBob fighting the robot version of Sandy in Battle for Bikini Bottom. In fact, he could even make tiny clones of himself. Sure, Mickey has acted more as a helper than the hero, but he's proven time and time again that the Disney Kingdom has a well trained combatant king. Cartoon Beatbox Battles - But The characters Have The Wrong Voice, Cartoon Beatbox Auditions Bob then pulls out his Jellyfish, trapping Mickey with it and sending the mouse to the ground. Yeah, he's protected Sora, and even took over for him for a while! And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out WHO would win this (probably controversial) DEATH BATTLE! Will the mouse prevail, or will the sea sponge get the last laugh? Mickey Mouse crosses his arms. SpongeBob has been sliced and diced and still survived. Mickey then tries to punch SpongeBob but SpongeBob laughs it off. (Beatbox) SpongeBob: Is that one of Plankton's machines...? Yeah, he's gotten punched for an entire DAY, and made it out fine! Wiz: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?. Boomstick: And maybe Bob as The Quickster is faster than Mickey but again Mickey using the Force could counteract it. Mickey: Oh gosh, what's a PENCIL gonna do? Mickey then starts heading for SpongeBob but SpongeBob gains an idea, and points the pencil to Mickey. Mickey then aims at SpongeBob with the Keyblade. SpongeBob then punches Mickey, sending him back, but Mickey is able to land safely, and lands on his knees. Wiz: Next weapon is the spatula, he uses this weapon to flip Krabby Patties and he can use this weapon as a sword. Not to mention the Magic Page inside his head. Firaga can shoot out, well, fire. Wiz: and Mickey is also a Jedi, has a Lightsaber and can use the force. verbalase then tells Mickey Mouse that Spongebob said he will get burned. Spongebob says he is born ready, and that Mickey Mouse's solo wasn't even beatboxing. (Beatbox) In fact, Invincibubble's...well, bubbles, are only capable to be popped by SpongeBob or his friends. Two movie geeks battle for will will DIE.... I GOT IT! You're just annoying! Boomstick: He has karate gloves to make slaps and he was trained by Sandy Cheeps. Mickey then tricks Quickster into running circles around him and Mickey slashes Quickster in a fatal blow which causes Quickster to be sent flying out of a window. The video now sits with 18 million views. It then fades to zooming in on the beatboxing ring, then cut's to verbalase. Wiz: Spongebob saved the Bikini Bottom many times from Plankton's evil plans in his TV show, Spongebob has survived being torn in half, incinerated, and completely engulfed in explosions equal that of nuclear weapons, he also has regeneration to heal himself from any injury!. Back up, F is for fire that i'm gonna burn with My brother and I worked for a long time on this video, we really hope you like it! But who well win. Mickey Mouse vs Spongebob Squarepants is the first episode in Cartoon Beatbox Battles, and the first episode overall. He is also extremely quick on his own. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. SpongeBob: Fifi, this isn't working....Hmmm....AHA! Mickey Mouse calls him a liar, and verbalase starts the round. verbalase says that's time, and tell's the viewers to like and subscribe. M-I-C-K-E-Y SpongeBob: Well...I guess this is it...I HAVE TO USE IT! But he does have a few weaknesses. Wiz: But Mickey has weakness, his magic has a time limit, can be easily cheated and can still feel pain and be eliminated. Both Mickey and SpongeBob have displayed many physical feats, and both held some advantages that could counter the other. He stops and wonders. Mickey: Don't worry. SpongeBob was the winner of this episode. The episode was entirely animated by Busy Mouse Animations, and this episode was more of a pilot episode, to see how people would feel about Cartoon Beatbox Battles. (Beatbox) He then grabs a Spongebob doll, and stomps on it, while spelling his name. SpongeBob falls making a small explosion due to the impact. The episode starts with a zoom-in of the outside of the Cartoon Beatbox Battles arena. If Invincibubble increases his strength by 50, then the sponge is SERIOUSLY broken! Sometimes, he'll come out in tiny pieces! (Cue Captain America: The First Avenger: Captain America). Spongebob hit Mickey by sending the mouse to a wall. Okay, it's my TURN!. He's also been seen as being REALLY weak without willpower. HOLY HELL! You're in the pineapple while i'm in the clubhouse, oh boy I'M getting started! A man by the name Walt Disney decided to revolutionize animation but he needed something...someone, to help him achieve this goal. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Boomstick: And the Magic Book and the Magic Pencil can counteract the Enchanted Brush, but Mickey can erase creatures from the Magic Pencil with the Thinner and the Sorcerer's Hat can burn the Magic Book, making these weapons useless. Disney vs Nickelodeon. SpongeBob is quick enough to fry patties, flip them, prepare them and have them set on a plate in about the speed of sound! Episode 2 is out now!!! So while Mickey hasn't been stomped, SpongeBob's superior tactics, variety and way superior durability won the bout. (Beatbox) No, Boomstick...Anyway, it would be only natural for a king to hone his skills in combat. Boomstick: And it is impossible not to know it, since it appears in movies, cartoons, videogames and comic strips. Wiz: And the Goofy Goober Rock can surpasses the Sorcerer's Hat, but Mickey using the Force could destroy the Goofy Goober guitar. Mickey follows SpongeBob by jumping out the window as well. (Cues SpongeBob SquarePants: Grass Skirt Chase). In fact, he has disproved this as he uses willpower to power up his strength! verbalase then asks what Spongebob has to say about that, with Spongebob stating he will cook Mickey Mouse like how he cooks his Krabby patties. Wiz: It has a form called The Quickster, in this form it is so fast that it can not be seen. Bob transformed into Goofy Goober Rock, so Mickey pulled out his Keyblade and both fired lighting bolts but Bob's beam overcame Mickey's beam.

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