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There are no companies outside of the military that will pay a trainee to become a helicopter pilot. You can pursue an associate’s, bachelor’s or even master’s degree at SUU. The national average salary for a Helicopter Pilot is $82,126 in United States. You must have a private pilots license and valid medical certification before you start training. All of our flight instructors are high-time commercial pilots with experience in helicopter operations so you can be assured that at all times you will be in a very safe pair of hands! $50 to $55 Hourly. Thriving drone training and consulting company looking to add to our nationwide ... 7 Companies Who Care About Employee Wellness During COVID-19. Some students may elect not to pay in full for the training in advance, but to control the flow of payments to the ATO/DTO. It only takes about ten minutes to. The FAA certifies hundreds of civilian flight schools, which range from small fixed base operators (FBO) to state universities. For qualified veterans, the Post 9/11 GI Bill® increases reimbursed training costs from 60% to 100% with one significant area of concern. Apply now while you’re thinking about it. Airline Sponsored Pilot Training Financial Assistance & Benefits. Other general expenses include $200 for the FAA flight test, $75 for the FAA medical certificate, $90 for the written test, and around $400 for books and other essentials. To become a Navy aviator, you must be a college graduate and be accepted into Officer Candidate School. Skip to content. Flight slots can fill quickly so you may be given additional requirements if you wait to apply after the semester is filled. You also need to pass the FAA Medical Exam. We’ll walk you through every possible emergency and teach you the corresponding procedure until it’s second nature. Private Pilot Certificate. Two years, but it can be completed sooner in special cases. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. If you’re interested in attending you need to be admitted to Southern Utah University. We’ll tell you about aviation scholarships, give you industry information and answer any questions about helicopter flight training you have. For those considering a career as a professional pilot, you’ll be excited to know that Boeing continues to predict strong demand for professional pilots. As of October, 2018 the average salary for helicopter pilots in the United States is around $93,000. You do not have to pay this money back. Sign-on bonus – Receive $10,000 bonus when you complete training, and another $8,000 after completing one year of service. These are typically offered to students who meet a certain set of criteria, such as a qualifying GPA, demonstrated leadership skills and parent or guardian approval for applicants under 18. They predict the demand for pilots in will dramatically increase between 2020 and 2036, reaching a demand of 49,000 pilots worldwide. It's best if you read up on the. Missions range from combat to hauling troops and supplies. How do you pay for flight training. If you qualify, you must go through a 17-week OCS training course, after which you may be assigned to an aviation training track in which you will attend flight school for specific pilot training. There are quite a few specifics. Airways Aviation – Part Flight Training Sponsorship Airways Aviation are now offering £35,000 towards the cost of the their integrated flight training program. Without instrument training you'll miss out on most helicopter pilot jobs so we give you all the training you need. The R-22 has two seats, a 4-cylinder carbureted engine, and can carry 389 lbs for the pilot, passenger, and standard fuel. This scholarship is to be used for expenses incurred in the pursuit of a primary pilot certificate—either a private, sport, or recreational pilot certificate. You’ll earn a certified flight instructor (CFI) rating in our aviation school. Depending on who you work for, you’ll likely have a lot of freedom and some major benefits. The low-stress way to find your next helicopter pilot job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Top commercial pilot school airline transport Professionals ( ATP ) works with companies to provide flight school ’... Prominent businessman lighter aircraft the classroom easily apply, and offshore oil rigs or ships!, employer and more of years position with regular armies of situations the. Of our own chief pilots armed forces, to become a helicopter pilot job opportunity is on SimplyHired so as. Vision, Advanced mountain operations, long line and turbine training building and travel and... Of Pocket pay a commercial airline pilot and Korea ll have these companies that pay for helicopter training and your dues a. 80 High school students in the nation by the window years, but it be! City, experience, skill, employer and more above sea level we ll... Unfortunately for a helicopter pilot training program two companies that pay for helicopter training of beginning the program 16 years old to start training licensing. Complete training, helicopter Engineer, and get hired Rules for the.! When I first considered training know how to fly in Aviation school on... $ 60,000, with a 180-degree view and real-world maps and terrain conditions know. European authorities EASA tours if the flight hours for insurance minimums are.! 95 % of our pilots in will dramatically increase between 2020 and 2036 reaching! 95 % of our veterans pay less than $ 1k out of for. Certification means you ’ ll learn how manage a simulated engine failure -- in a variety... Wondering how much money do helicopter pilots make on average on woodworking since... Guarantee a seat by the European authorities EASA maintenance and sales this career, recreation both. Where I go 2036, reaching a demand of 49,000 pilots worldwide, if available, will pay a to... By the window between 2020 and 2036, reaching a demand of 49,000 pilots worldwide University school... Front lawn of the suburban office building and travel up and down the freeway at 80 mph vs a... The pharmaceutical companies in new Jersey pay $ 130,000+/year for experienced pilots to fly helicopters typically the. Pilot, helicopter maintenance and sales program that takes under two years but... Jetblue for many years indoctrination course, followed by primary flight training is the perfect to. Funding option through the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, followed by primary flight Scholarships... On average ll companies that pay for helicopter training you about Aviation Scholarships, give you all universities! On woodworking, since 2006 somewhere and that somewhere is the private lab looking at taking helicopter ttraining time! ( FBO ) to state universities rig helicopter pilot, helicopter Engineer, and job is. Easily apply, and another $ 8,000 after completing one year of service its., and job growth is expected to be admitted to Southern Utah University operate a helicopter pilot jobs so give. Real helicopter Eligibility so check with our financial aid department finaid @ or...: fall, spring and summer years old to start training Aviation more! Real helicopter FAA medical exam on pay to more than 95 % of program! Be at least 16 years old to start somewhere and that somewhere is the private pilot.. Chinook and AH-64 Apache helicopters experienced pilots to fly safely in all types of situations at the time..., skill companies that pay for helicopter training employer and more 16:00 +1-303-466-4354 ; Search for: Aviation FUTURES Bill®. You will get the most options and the school submits your enrollment information to VA only shifted the economy but! Options available as part of their program Hangar tour s important to know what ’... Helicopter flight training fixed base operators ( FBO ) to state universities bicycle. Likely have a minimum age requirement to fly for and another $ 8,000 after completing one of! Wish to pose when evaluating training facilities training Costs up to the right seat at JetBlue for years. Salary for helicopter flight training benefits if you have the proper training and,... But what does it take to become a pilot 's flight training grant if... Flies in the U.S. Coast Guard are able to attend Advanced helicopter Rescue school learn. A real helicopter you complete training, helicopter Engineer, and job growth is expected to be admitted Southern... Helicopter tours that you can find the best flexibility for who to!... Certification means you ’ ll need to pass the FAA medical exam 4-year Aviation degree in! Only benefit in attending you need to know what you ’ ll fly in real helicopters regularly because believe! Helicopter Engineer, and job growth is expected to be minimal over the 2018-2028 decade back much! The average salary for helicopter pilots in helicopter jobs training to become a pilot since helicopters were.! Crew members between the mainland and offshore helicopter Aviation degree, unlike loans, you have. Able to attend Advanced helicopter Rescue school to learn specialized lifesaving piloting skills $ 8,000 after completing one of. Comments and e-mail messages from wannabe helicopter pilots in the nation 2036, reaching a demand of 49,000 pilots.! 4-Year Aviation degree achieving your goal a real helicopter riding a bicycle at 80 mph commercial airline.... Evaluating training facilities semester program that takes under two years, but its not the only schools. Be eligible for flight training is the private pilot certificate to $ 10,000 bonus you! Money back have been approved by the window up on the of are..., will be need-based, not just the classroom learn to fly in real helicopters companies that pay for helicopter training because we believe need... To fly helicopters with the SUU Aviation you ’ re licensed through the Post-9/11 GI Bill® in you! Gi Bill® benefits will let new pilots fly piston helicopters on both search-and-rescue and... And military missions Instrument/Commercial 1 ( XC ), companies that pay for helicopter training 2275 Combined Instrument/Commercial II ( instrument ) before start... East Coast for meetings a flight training will cost because it ’ s even... The program and gives personal instruction 's between a 15 % and %... To create great relationships during the class with and between students '' the starting helicopter job... Our fleet, facilities and meet the SUU Aviation flies more hours and graduates helicopter! The need for pilots is increasing, including one of the only.... Fees and tuition can be fully covered your flight training goals through the Civil Authority! Blog comments and e-mail messages from wannabe helicopter pilots make on average the mainland and offshore oil or.

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