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Torque - Horsepower (hp) conversion calculator - online electrical engineering tool to perform conversion between electrical rotational moment of force (in-lb, ft-lb or Nm) & horsepower (watts). Alternatively you can enter the total number of technicians active for estimation. If your late-model MPFI motor has an aftermarket intake like from F.A.S.T., then choose stage 3. These equations are for recreation only. Equation: P = (Q x p)/(229 x ) or. How many horsepower - Metric are in 1 atmosphere cubic foot per minute? with factory intakes, choose the stage 2 intake manifold type. Please note, the Horsepower figure is a rule of thumb approximation, unlike the Flow Rate figure. For a more accurate calculation try Larry Meaux's Pipe Max. Conversion tool with multiple power units. We always welcome any advice/experience that people can give us to help us improve on these utilities so please contact either Mike or myself using the links below if you have any contributions. I've done my best to build this site for you- Please send feedback to let me know how you enjoyed visiting. Contact | Conversion chart - atmosphere cubic … As for American carmakers, previous to the 1972 model year, the horsepower figures you typically saw in car manufacturer literature and car magazines were "gross" horsepower figures. Home » engine cfm – cubic feet per minute calculator This calculates the cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air that an engine will consume at its maximum rpm. In choosing a particular turbo you need to know how many Pounds Per Minute or CFM the turbo compressor map indicates for a particular pressure ratio (boost pressure). Second: horsepower - Metric (hp) is unit of power. Between atm cfm and hp measurements conversion chart page. Content on this site produced by is available under a creative commons license unless otherwise stated. The 310 horsepower rating of a 1973 Pontiac Trans Am SD 455 may seem quite dismal if you're comparing it to something like the 370 horsepower rating of the 1970 Pontiac Trans Am RAIV 400, but the actual difference in the power output of these two engines is much smaller than the 60 horsepower discrepancy indicates. Back to Calculators Horsepower to Atmospheres-cubic Foot Per Minutes (or just enter a value in the "to" field) Please share if you found this tool useful: Tweet. These gross horsepower figures came from engine dyno results in which the tested engine had no real-world accessories attached such as power steering pumps, smog pumps, and or A/C compressors. P = (Q x PF)/(33,000 x ) or. H2O) Round Duct Equivelent of Rectangular Duct: First Side of Rectangular Duct (in. Net horsepower was attained from engine dynos with the accessories, OE air cleaner, and factory exhaust system present on the test subject engine. Please share if you found this tool useful: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on this web site. Estimate Horsepower from Head Airflow; Enter Depression of Airflow in Inches of Water: (The pressure your heads were flowed at) in/H 2 O Enter Head Air Flow in CFM: (for better results use total cfm including intake manifold) Engine CID: Select Type of Engine Work: Typ Street/Strip Eng Typ Race Eng SuperStock ProStock/Comp Mountain Engines Amount of air in CFM = 302.7243 Amount of air in lbs/min = 21.1918 Amount of air in m 3 /min = 8.5733. Converting atmosphere cubic foot per minute to horsepower - Metric value in the power units scale. Approximately 47.82007468224 Watts (SI). TOGGLE :   from horsepower - Metric into atmosphere cubic feet / minute in the other way around. If you know how much horsepower your motor makes, you can estimate its air flow in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Power units represent power physics, which is the rate at which energy is used-up, either transformed or transferred from its source to elsewhere, by various ways within the nature of physics. Fan CFM Calculator This fan calculator is typically used to calculate the CFM or cubic feet per minute of air exchange that may be desired in a building. For example, a 1,600 cc motor in a good state of tune requires about 54 cubic feet per minute to make 78 horsepower. This calculator uses the formula: Air flow (CFM) = (Horsepower …

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