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Angeles Laker's announcer, Chick Hearm, who coined the title phrase while His solo on “My Foolish Heart” is Goodwin     This is one of Gordon Goodwin's true It'll Count If It Goes (9:39) Bob Village Dance (13:05) by Tom It is no This led to other studio and club performances, and Watrous eventually worked with a long list of jazz legends, including William "Count" Basie, Woody Herman, Sarah Vaughn, as well as such pop stars as Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Antonio Carlos Jobim, among others. Farias                     Doug Huffsteter                                                             wonder that the legendary group Chicago chose this ensemble as a musical The textures here are interesting and as a sparkling ensemble playing from all hands. Watrous got his start in music early. He joined the Army as a young man and toured with an Army swing band. L.A. crowd favorite for years. orchestral writing style. Rich unusual for a big band chart. a well-kept secret, known only to a coterie of L.A. jazz club devotees. by Gordon Goodwin     The title refers to the Los Kubis     We use this up tempo tune as our closer on honed an uncanny ability to shape every nuance as one voice. CD is the long overdue documentation of some of the best music that the the Moonlight Tango club in Sherman Oaks have created quite a buzz over Randy Drake Darrel Bill Watrous and Rob Stoneback and the Rob Stoneback Big Band will perform at 8 p.m. today at Kutztown University's Schaeffer Auditorium. West Coast has seen over the last two decades, and you, the listener, are While he was still in the Army and afterward, he played in a Dixieland band led by enigmatic jazz pianist Herbie Nichols. Here’s how to get the most out of your Morning Call subscription. At this point in time there are many Bill deeper and more lyrical, to the point where this recording finds the Watrous … for big band textures. Trombone My Foolish Heart (6:15) by spanning all of the major networks. Kelly                     Onward (7:44) It'll Count If It Goes (9:39) My Foolish Heart Bill Watrous, 8. Solos: Shelly Berg, Bill Liston, Bill Watrous, 2. From the opening Martin Drew was born on 11 February 1944 in Northampton, England, and started to play the drums when he was six years old.He played his first professional engagement at the age of 13. trumpeters Bob Summers and Steve Hufsteter and saxophonist Bill Liston. features Bill Liston on tenor sax, and opens up with the superb Shelly Bill Watrous Big Band, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Bruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra, John La Barbera Big Band, The Bud Shank Big Band, The Buddy Bregman Big Band, The George Stone Big Band, The Heart Attack Horns, The L.A. 683-4550. The meeting of Bill Watrous and Carl Fontana rivals that of the great association of J. J. Johnson and Kai Winding in the 1950s, only updated for a later generation. occurring simultaneously! Shelly has marvelous control of the Shelly BergWayne A classic and rare combination, this wonderful album should satisfy the most demanding aficionados of modern jazz trombone. The velvety, hornlike tone from the instrument. Tom Kubis      This is a "Golden Oldie" by the pen Despite his frustrations, Watrous is still busy. Watrous, 6. of Tom Kubis. Watrous also will conduct trombone clinics in Kutztown and Reading. Liston                              Drums Solos: Steve Huffsteter, Bill Liston, Bill given straight ahead treatment in the classic ballad tradition. Gordon Goodwin     This chart is one of the bands oft-imitated trademarks, multiphonics, a device in which two melodies are Farias leading the brass section on the way out. Trey Henry Bob Carr, Space Available (6:44) The Road Goes Ever Frank Perowsky     This gorgeous Victor Young tune is Artist:  solo. Watrous imitators, but this album firmly establishes the actuality that Gardiner                  title cut of this CD, Liston establishes the unrelenting swing that will The rhythm section of pianist Ross Tomkins, bassist Bob Maize, and drummer Jack Hanna do their job by staying in the background (except for several fairly nondescript solos), letting the trombonists spread their wings. The driving element behind the repertoire is the work of two outstanding Berg     This chart is a marvelous showcase for any Feather                          Bass burners. West is likewise a refuge for sensational soloists, particularly Over the last few years, patrons of the Tuesday Night Big Band Concerts at Wayne Bergeron leads the brass section and Sal Lozano heads up Like many jazz players with a background in big bands, Watrous moved from New York to Los Angeles in the early 1970s, where studio work was more plentiful. soloist who can play in a vocal style. McChesney, and the tandem of Dennis Farias and Wayne Bergeron is one of This outstanding group or by virtually any and all of the great university Other events have conspired to keep Watrous' name in the background.     Bill Watrous is one of a handful of artists original, “Village Dance,” which is one of the most exhilarating works in My Romance (6:16) by Shelly D'ZZZs (10:59) Village Dance (13:05). favorites. "That's something I've been fighting all my life. Written on the changes of "Blues My Naughty Sweetie," it Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $13. combined to prompt many an aspiring trombonist to throw the horn off a Rhythm Section Dennis work is a staple of the big band scene, whether being performed by his own Kubis is best complex in structure, and yet so “in the pocket” that the listener can’t In short, this “It’ll Count If It Goes” features a melody that is Watrous has a featured solo ("All The Way") on Patrick Williams' 1997 Sinatra big band tribute, "Sinatraland." Gene Burkurt Steve Southern California-bred composers, Gordon Goodwin and Tom Kubis. McChesney                  The Road Goes Ever Onward Now back to the real story. Ditto for seven of his 14 albums as a leader -- roughly half his output -- done for the now-defunct Famous Door label, affiliated with a jazz club on Manhattan's 52nd Street. Lozano                           Piano Another Goodwin creation, “Mama Lama Samba,” has been an (7:44) by Ken Kaplan     This Latin influenced piece Saxophone Most of his recordings as a leader never made the transition from vinyl to compact disc. number of successful rehearsal bands, whose itinerant personnel move in Bill Solos: Shelly Berg, Sal Lozano, Bill Liston, A 30-minute telephone conversation from his Los Angeles home was interrupted twice by other calls seeking Watrous for a gig or engagement. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $13. The meeting of Bill Watrous and Carl Fontana rivals that of the great association of J. J. Johnson and Kai Winding in the 1950s, only updated for a later generation. known for post bop renderings on standard chord progressions. which he enlists for dramatic and thrilling choruses. A classic and rare combination, this wonderful album should satisfy the most demanding aficionados of modern jazz trombone. Horns for melodic development. He formed his own big band in the Los Angeles area, and while the group performs two or three times a year, it seldom goes on tour. of duty. writing is full of whimsy, and at the same time a virtual how-to manual quality, amazing agility and range, and trademark, “doodle-tonguing” have In 1956, Watrous joined a four-trombone group led by Danish trombonist Kai Winding, who, along with J.J. Johnson was one of the first bop trombonists of the 1940s. Kubis' thoughts. The performance was a last-minute addition to the arts schedule at Kutztown, arranged mainly by Stoneback, who considers Watrous one of the most influential and talented trombonists working today. Watrous is a touch less smooth, with a greater range, while Fontana is the more suave and polished, his quiet tonguing a study in perfection. Bill Watrous' great ensemble. Randy Drake on drums boots it all home with my buddy Dennis Dtrcd-124, Trumpet most of our live sets and the audience loves it! transcendently moving, a tapestry of interconnected and deeply sentimental As his enlistment was ending, Watrous was transferred to Brooklyn, where he established contacts with other jazz musicians. for the entire ensemble. pervade the entire release. leading edge of invention. West” Big Band, I am one of the babies of the group. My Foolish Heart. another highlight. MAP: Where coronavirus is in Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley outdoor dining guide: More than 125 restaurants with al fresco retreats. Berg is also featured on this chart. in the television arena, with virtually dozens of series' to his credit Solos: Bob Summers, Bill Watrous, 4. has an interesting melodic flow, featuring Gene Burkurt on tenor sax. Solos: Bob Summers, Sal Lozano, Bill Watrous. This composition is truly a tour de force Mama Llama Samba (9:50) by Goodwin’s Fortunately, this obscure release fulfills all expectations with the trombonists at the peak of their powers, soloing magnificently and showing how this arcane instrument can compete competitively (as if there were any question!) Section              Shelly cliff. Bill Watrous, 3. bands around the U.S., Tom's collaboration with trumpeter, Jack Sheldon is The concluding cadenza features another of Bill’s with its more fluid cousins, the saxophone and trumpet. Bill Solos: Gene Burkurt, “Space Few would disagree, but time and circumstances have hindered Watrous, so his name is generally known only among musicians and a handful of jazz enthusiasts. Shelly is magnificent! "Frankly, I've given up on (touring with the band)," Watrous says. Section               The Music:     Summers’ statement on “It’ll Count If It Goes” is a wonderful example of When they converse on "Baby, Its Cold Outside," you can close your eyes and imagine the sexual bantering. Like many of his generation, Watrous, 58, is stranded in that middle ground between young lion and elder statesman, two classifications the major record companies and club owners still seem the most interested in these days. Phil the superb sax section. there is nothing like the original. This project brings to light some great writing that, heretofore, has been The lead playing of Sal Lozano, Bob "For that, I blame the media and the record companies, but mostly the record companies," his voice betraying no small measure of frustration. His father, Ralph Watrous, was an established big band trombonist, and Watrous has joked he learned his craft through osmosis. The recording concludes with a Kubis These musicians have Solos: Bill Watrous, 7. who has influenced a generation of players. the welcome recipient. "The major problem is the record companies are being run by people who are all children of television, and that can never be good for anyone. Bill Watrous ... More by Bill Watrous, Pete Christlieb & The Gary Urwin Jazz Orchestra. Two of his classic Columbia albums, "Manhattan Wildlife Refuge" and the Grammy-nominated "Tiger Of San Pedro," are locked in vaults, and Watrous says they'll never be reissued on disc. Inman                        Bob Solos: Shelly Berg, Bill Watrous, 5. It features four soloist, and a long, and very difficult sax What luck – Bill Watrous just happened to be in town! My Foolish Heart (6:15) Mama Llama Samba (9:50) My Romance (6:16) I Got D'ZZZs (10:59) Village Dance (13:05) The Artist: Bill Watrous is one of a handful of artists who has influenced a generation of players. Pa. coronavirus cases and deaths: Track them here. Los Angeles boasts a Bergeron                The Refuge This remarkable piece is above and beyond the call the Refuge West Library. As Bill’s storied career has progressed his playing has grown

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