bayek's tomb relic of great power

I wanna say a relic of Eden or something but the Apple was in the actual story so maybe the cloak or whatever from Syndicate? I mean if there's another, it'd be in abtergo's best interests to keep it from there enemies. Address Line 1: PO Box 1490 bayek cave. Box? Assassins Creed Origins Bayeks Death Serious PlaysGames. - piece of eden origins. Well Bayek left a hell of a body trail behind him, including gods, so his ego is well earned. SHAREfactory™!/de-de/tid=CUSA00572_00 ПАСИВКА ЛУ! As to the relic of power, it's probably another piece of Eden. Subscribers: ... bayeks tomb. I think he is the relic of power. Idk if anyone else has put this cuz I didn't look but that is my theory. The relic of great power is the piece of eden in Curse of The Pharoah is hidden by the boy at the end....maybe Bayek so where it was hidden and then re-hid it and then took that knowledge with him to the grave... Maybe the relic is that ball which The Lion used at the vault. you play and get attached to this character and even though it’s all fiction seeing him there dead makes u realise that the superhero you play as is stil human, and that his awesome story still one day ends, @Robert Foryszewski and watching AC: Embers, Felt the same after playing black flag then rogue. ● Community Discord - Thus, deceased in a way since there love was over. Where to Find Bayek's Tomb in Assassin's Creed Origins | Exploring the Tomb + "Relic of Power"?? ● Follow me on Twitch - ►Merch◄ PO Box Address: Therefore, it could stand to reason he was talking about Arya. Honestly I’m under the impression that the ‘relic of great power’ was Aya’s Hidden Blade-that Layla ended up using. I was like WTF? Cause ig bayek could be attracted to eden which is why he wanted to die there. Relic of Great Power most likely refers to Aya turned Amunet, and her statue/corpse/mummy which Ezio had found. ● Download Parodies - It could be the animus it self cuz layla Hassan goes in bayak's memories maybe that's why he wrote that he felt the relic tugging at his soul. She is from the bloodlines, Bayek, he has precursor blood and is therefore valuable to abstergo. ● iTunes - Especially considering Desmond massacred them with it AC3. | Assassin's Creed Explained. Assassin's Creed Origins | 10 Small Details You May Have Missed! 'Advent Calendar' Update Video | What's happening With The P.O. После этой игры вы больше не захотите ездить с незнакомцами.. She probably died first than Bayek and he found her mummified in the cave with that relic, if she is not the relic herself. ● Snapchat - lazerzz A message chiseled into stone that Layla couldn't read until she experienced more history as him. City/Town: NORTHAMPTON I hope u get the chance to read this and your video was helpful and inspiring for me to investigate. Maybe Siwa is not the starting point. ● iTunes - City/Town: NORTHAMPTON piece of eden. | Kill Connor Club - #61. ☆Make a one time donation☆ I think it must be the "oracles relic" because in the other game it is referred to as the "apple of eden" and is full of power and is an ancient relic. The first civilization created it and we know Layla has it in odyssey. - Origins - I thought the same, and also when you go to Altairs tomb as Ezio, I think, is that right? Maybe looking around the area were the tomb is will find it, Its a piece of eden bayek has a apple of eden, By any chance, could there be a possibility that Bayek died in possession of the object from Flavius which could explain the object of high power.

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